"Trump Camp Pain"

by Jeph Johnson

Undocumented Humpty Dumpties wait on one side of his wall

Asking Donald Trump for the grace to let them fall...

For those dirty tricks the welfare state plays on families every day.

Tax and spend and segregate; take your firearm freedoms away!

Make my 'Merica great again. Stand strong on religion and race,

So our cheeks may softly rest against a duel purpose pillowcase.

They immigrate one by one because they hate our way of life.

But God forbid, don't screen for guns, or they'll kill us with a knife!

Caucasian Christians must report our brown-skinned rapist neighbors.

These salacious stories are fun to distort 'cuz men with money get favors.

It's in the can, the election's rigged, no more need to fear.

You've found your man; he's privileged, and now ready to steer.

Rid regulations of Obama's tenure, for the Donald's now running the show.

We'll send Barrack back to Kenya and move on not needing to vote!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Donald Trump, 2016 

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