Divine Intelligence

Divine Musings

Stoned Sour

In the most unusual manic-panic creep,
Wildly lurking behind every corner, 
The Shadow was about to recover some ungraspable but always constantly desired idea..

A fantasy, a darker shade of fantasy: a fun fetish.
Or, perhaps, could it be foolish fanciful notions? 
This fully torked delusion can be a haunting mirage.  
A make believe vintage slogan ghost from generations past. 
That worn out American Dream. That Life. 

-Free from the routine confusion and disorder-
Dreamed by all but known only by creatures who dream of other more sophisticated things. 

Silenced but still flailing at grasping the point or any and all major traffic signs, 
the Shadow returned all the acquired mixed-matched pieces and useless information slowly.. 

I remember because it was a autumn night.
Leaves were falling and there were trees white with moonlight. 

It was a cool night overflowing with mysterious excitement that unforgettably changed the mellow quite in all bright lights. 
Suddenly there was a new bustle among the stars as the speed of light left a stirring in the darkness. 

-A secret above trees carried on the wings of winds-

This covert paradox of milky way wonder experienced when he kissed this girl-was a vivid spectacle of unutterable visions never mentioned but still loudly exuding a slinky lust. 

This was a soul cleansing need, 
a physical miracle, 
dirty deeds done dirt cheap overdosing religious experience with every swelling orgasm!

These are the divine musings of the Creator, my Creator.
These are the ideas of any other brave soul who decide to capture their essence in moments. 

For a moment at one point in time, these sacred thoughts belonged to God.

For As Long

For as the days and weeks pass, and the years and aeons
Follow their destiny into the universe, traveling the planets,
There will be a growing number who call on Jupiter, Mars,
The voiceless sparks of light, and love, in the stars,

For as long as we relentlessly continue
To trade insight and inspiration for revenge,
Hiding behind the suffering of Jesus, crucified,
Still, to this day, adamant refusal, to remove him from the cross,

Using his life to excuse our misgivings,
Ignoring those here, to maintain our style of living,
Injecting his pain into each child on Earth,
Negating the Divine, and worse....negating every child's worth,

For as long as we blindly submit to the past,
We neglect what is here, stones repeatedly cast,
Spitting on the dream of unity, and more,
We will always be wondering why we can't even the score,

For as long as we stay boldly and stubbornly sure,
Humanity's true potential will be lost into the wars...

....life is so much more.



4:44 PM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the ever growing ignorance toward our connection to Divine Intelligence and compasssion and insight lived out as virtues, and not just words.

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