Day comes and day goes,
My faith and love for God grow,
I love Him -- He knows,
The Light of Love glows.

He blesses me daily,
I sin by forgetting Him,
Yet He forgives me.

My Lord God Allah,
He loves me I know,
In Him I put my trust,
In His Light I glow.

O poet friends with hearts,
And keen observing minds,
See the beauty of the flowers,
And each seed that parts.

Look up at the sky,
And try to find its finite end,
Your gaze will get tired,
As if it's a fly.

Ponder on the seasons,
Reflect on your own distinct self,
Mull on creation,
You will find the One.

The One Lord God, True,
The Light of all worlds,
Beyond vision He,
Lives in loving hearts.


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