No Ordinary Artist

She is an artist

but shes different

she uses metal paintbrushes

and a living canvas full of paint

see her paintbrushes are razor blades

her paint is but one colour

a colour crimson red

see her canvas is her wrists and hips

she covers them in kisses and hugs

there just not the kind you think of

see her paint is already in the canvas

she just has to let it out

let it show her emotions

every crimson kiss and razor blade hug

leaves a great artistic impression

a cut today a scar for the rest of her life

see she is an artist

her perspective is just a little different

see her razor blade was her paintbrush

and her wrists and hip

they were the canvas of her heart 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how i see myself with what i do that most people dont approve of

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