Dark Days

Just a thought!

D-Day has dawned when the dead are dying

Delving deeply in the depths of disaster

Deposed and denied from diligent delusions

Deceptive dissertation has deemed their demise.

Due a desperate departure from decades of deceit

Drowning in disease and disclosure

Doomed days are done, departing in death...

Dead and dammed to desolate decay.


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How Dark is Dat?Tongue Out

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Second chance no a new book

I wonder on why you did it

why u betray me

why u hurt my feeling for you

my heart shattered over the floor

my eyes balling for once teers of blood

You told him you liked him and held his hand

kept it secreat from me

I found out im in shock if anything

i will forgive
i find it hard i will forgive becasue your my one love
people make misakes tay

and you just made a silly one

im prepared to start a new book

throw the other one out forget the past

like nothing happened but it will be in my mind

you wont be talking to meny guys now

i cant let go of you im deeply in love

it may be stupid

but i am sure we can start a new page i cant not forgive you
i love you i really do
my passion every second of my life since i had you has been devoted to you

thinking of you

knowing you

caring and trusting you

i know its gonna be a long journy

a long one for us

but we will make it

make it for us no one else but us

i have nothing to hide noor dose you

this is it

a new book

fuck off the old and in with the new

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