death penalty

Thoughts On The Government Murder Euphemistically Called Execution



Executions kill the prisoner but cannot resurrect the victim.

They only continue the cycle of violence.


Numerous studies indicate a death penalty does not deter killing.


A prisoner on death row has often acted in hot passion, perhaps under the spell of alcohol or toxic antidepressant drugs. But an execution judge murders with cold premeditation.


What is a death qualified jury? An unconstitutionally constituted jury from which prosecutors exclude any compassionate abolitionists.


In excluding abolitionists, prosecutors and judges deny the right of a defendant to a jury of his or her peers.

The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it. -Frederick C Davis & Harry O Hoyt

Why are African American jurors excluded by many prosecutors? Because they are more merciful.


Judge no one, we are told. Only God is omniscient. No one else has all the data.


Execution judges have their gavels and pens as murder weapons

Like ancient Caesars they turn thumbs down on pleas for mercy.'


As most who eat meat delegate the murder of the animal to a slaughterhouse worker, so most judges prosecutors and parole boards delegate the murder of a prisoner.


Prosecutors have often put their careers ahead of ethics and have often executed innocent men and women.


Now in the US for the first time those who oppose the death penalty are 60% of the population.


Prosecutorial lynching included the use of jailhouse snitches, a term for cellmates or jailmates who will lie in order to receive favors such as early release from prison.


War which is a death penalty sentence for millions desentizes to execution and vice versa


Some state supreme courts have are composed entirely of whites. At least one parole board has been all white males, many employed by the privatized prison system.


The current 6 Republican justices on SCOTUS define themselves as 'prolife'. They are in favor of fetal rights but not of the right to life of prisoners, victims of illegal wars, animals in slaughterhouses.

Supreme Court justices at present are unelected. They serve for life. These unelected persons can quash the will of the vast majority, hundreds of millions of sovereign individuals


Executions cost a state millions of dollars. Former governor Robert Taft of Ohio, great grandson of President Taft, is one of many Republicans who have changed their minds because of factors such as the execution of innocents and the expense.


Fewer will be guilty of contempt of the present Supreme Court when executions and ratification of torture cease, when money is no longer classified as speech, when wars are not rubber stamped.

Agatha Christie: Judges murder within the law.


Sister Helen Prejean: No one is the worst moment in his life.


Elizabeth George: (the loved ones) of a murder victim like to project guilt onto someone else. Those who work to execute the killers of their loved ones are choosing the dead over their living loved ones. They keep rubbing the sore (of the crime) rather than engaging in healing.


American Bar Association: Executions are racially and economically biased (the poor and not the rich who kill are executed).  The ABA found many to be incompetent in preserving DNA evidence while a death row inmate remains behind bars. There hasn't been police interrogations recorded and no state has met ABA standards inproviding counsel for indigent prisoners.


A black man on death row is 3.8 times more likely than a white man to be executed.


P G Wodehouse when responding to someone who used racist speech:
"I don't hate in plurals." -
Saint of Shirdi: Bullets do not eliminate darkness.
Amnesty Internation:  UN opposition to death penalty grows.


As only 5 states, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, all with Republican governors, only 10% of US states, executed prisoners in 2020. There were 13 federal executions, almost double the 4 in TX, and 1 each in the other 4 states. Internationally, only 20 of 195 countries murdered prisoners in 2020. It is time to elect 1 justice every 1 or 2 years . The US instituted direct election of US senators a century ago. It has long been time for direct election of justices.



Whether one is a believer, agnostic or atheist, in every faith and ethical system are those who oppose death chambers.

Some Christians support politicians and judges who kill prisoners.

Jesus stopped an execution in progress. "Let him without sin cast the first stone."

David was never executed, though in lust he deliberately sent the husband of the woman he desired

to the front lines.

Cain was not executed for killing Abel in jealousy.

Moses was not executed for killing the Egyptian in anger.

Paul was not executed for killing Christians in obedience to a violent government.

Governor Jesse Ventura said when he ended Minnesota executions, as others had said before him "Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with



God is infinite mercy.

(Since 2004, the FDA has required a warning on all antidepressants because of their correlation to
homicides and suicides)



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Federalist Society Puts 7 Executioners On List



Of the nominees for the

Supreme Court submitted

by Leonard Leo and the


all seven are

are executioners

... everyone on the list


saiom shriver

Four Who Killed

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In lust David killed Bathsheba's husband.
In anger Moses killed the Egyptian
In wrongful obedience to a cruel state
Paul killed Christians
In jealousy Cain killed his brother
but none of these killers got the death penalty.
Therefore none others should.

-saiom shriver-



The United States is the only industrialized nation on this planet that still has the death penalty.  -Glenn Allen Carrico-


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Governor Ed Fitzgerald Of Ohio: Make It Happen

Political Action


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Time To Dump Executioner, Petroplutocrat Pawn, Library Funds Slasher John Kasich
Only 5 governors of 50 are still involved in state murder. One is John Kasich of Ohio

Executioner, mass transit opponent, slasher of library funds,
nonenforcer of Ohio environmental law, governor John Kasich
should be dumped this fall. Please help make Democrat Ed Fitzgerald governor of Ohio.

The current incumbent, John Kasich, is one of only FIVE
governors our of FIFTY still involved in the barbarism
of state murder (execution). The US is one of only 12%
of the world's countries still involved in judicial,
prosecutorial, gubernatorial or other government
murder. Kasich ignores Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic,
Methodist, Presbyterian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish and
other groups opposed to state murder. Republicans on the Ohio Supreme Court have helped.

Stop the fracking industry and Kasich from poisoning Ohio's waters


When Abraham Lincoln was murdered, a funeral train brought his body through Cleveland and Columbus to Cincinnati. In the early 1900's, a triumvirate of powerful car, gas, and tire men sought around the country to kill trains and streetcars. The Cleveland to Cincinnati train disappeared. For many decades now Ohioans have been working to bring back that train. But Kasich, indebted to oil and gas men for his election, sent 400 million dollars in mass transit money back to Washington.  2 of the 3 (Rockefeller, Ford and Firestone) who destroyed the US train system were Ohioans.


Because of the Cleveland Clinic, Summa, and other hospital conglomerates as well as insurance scams by United health Care and others, Ohioans pay the 4th largest premiums in the country . when Kasich came into office he began slashing Medicaid recipients from the rolls and increasing copays for the poorest Ohioans. When a number of states recently took federal funds to expand Medicaid, Ohio was among them but the negligent phone contacts, the months and months for approval have made the Republican supervision of Medicaid in Ohio very inefficient.

The Kasich administration has falsified its jobs record.

John Kasich has each year in office reduced the money
for Ohio libraries, yet there have been no such reductions
for the 5% of the population who enjoy slaughtering bears,
killing deer, trapping beaver. The Ohio Dept. of Natural
Resources actually spends tax money promoting the brutal blood 'sport' of bow and arrow hunting.

John Kasich was an executive of Lehman Brothers when that company went bankrupt.

He was a frequent warmonger guest on monopolist Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. Murdoch's NewsCorp has been itself making news illegally tapping British citizens.

He has accepted over a half million dollars in contributions from his political appointees.


The Republicans of Ohio have cut way back on early voting because they are a minority party. The Republican attorney general of Ohio has tried to throw 26 million dollars of state legal business to one of his biggest Columbus law firm contributors.  Ohio Republicans were responsible for vote fraud which twice installed the unelected George W Bush and stole the presidency of the elected Al Gore and John Kerry.


Ohio pension funds under the control of Republican Josh Mandel and others are dangerously invested in fast food despite Wall St. warnings that fast food chains are a bad investment.



Despite Ed's youthful appearance he will be 46 in 2014 and has experience as a mayor, a county executive, and in law enforcement.



From derailing antifracking action and inaction regarding forest protection o killing untold numbers of trees for lottery tickets, the Kasich administration has been the enemy of nature.


Footnote: When one looks in a search engine for Fitzgerald's website, the plutocratic search engine owners put John Kasich's website first.


J-U-S-T-I-C-E (The Highest Bidder Takes All)





Revenge is up for sale today,

‘cause fate took a loved one away,

We had forgiveness in our hearts,

But traded it for "bigR’s" part, 

In helping evil win the soul,

Of us and those it can control,

Our human frailties win again,

They call us all "American",

We kill with pride in our great chair,

All suckers to the word despair,

We’d rather see the wrong in things,

Hear only what good gossip brings,

We won’t accept pain in our life,

So we’ll just help to cause more strife,

‘cause being too compassionate,

May cause our minds to soon forget,

About how good it feels to be,

Proud owners of revenge.


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise….


By closing off reality,

We shut doors on humanity,

And lock ourselves within a hell custom designed,

Only to sell the highest bidder one more way to kill again,

To "save the day",

And we escape from taking fall,

The highest bidder wins it all!!

Election day the leader’s crowned,

And lies throughout the land resound!


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise…


The children learn well how to buy and sell but soon condemn,

And fate will ring true bells of freedom handed down to them by

Sacred rooms that tell the story of the way our minds get twisted,

In confusion when ignoring "human"kind(s).

And many "heroes" of today will be seen for the first,

In light that makes it all too clear how we did at our worst,

But for today we’ll all go on and wander in the dark,

The highest bidder takes it all,

And leaves that shameful mark.


The chair, the needle, or the fumes, the future calls them "sacred rooms",

Until we learn the sound of lies, we’ll blindly bring our own demise…


Copyright 2002 




God bless you. God please bless us all.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one a long time ago, shortly after I learned this country has sent innocents to death row.

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Lullaby Of Death

Lullaby of Death

By Liz Peterson-Braveheart


You have no right

To bear your silent wish of death

Upon my brethren’s door,

You have no right.


You have no right

To cast your world of hate

Before my child’s eyes,

You have no right.


The wickedness you offer

On the table isn’t just,

And as you rant of guts and glory,

Your heart is cold,

A breach of trust,

You have no right.


To scowl, or render judgment

On such lies and fabrications,

And then gloat,

While bathed in rapture

Once more,

Hungry for ovation!

Then slay again!

You have no right.


To mothers and fathers,

Daughters, sons,

…and innocent babes,

Your desperate gnawing helps

To seal their lips

But not their might,

The beastly seed in you ignites,

And they lay naked on your platter

You call justice

As you feast with sheer delight?

You have no right.


Love and freedom suffocate,

In our ears the sound of silence

Is their last hurrah,

As you claim the spiteful anthem,

Your self righteous Lullaby of Death.


© 2010

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