Thoughts On The Government Murder Euphemistically Called Execution



Executions kill the prisoner but cannot resurrect the victim.

They only continue the cycle of violence.


Numerous studies indicate a death penalty does not deter killing.


A prisoner on death row has often acted in hot passion, perhaps under the spell of alcohol or toxic antidepressant drugs. But an execution judge murders with cold premeditation.


What is a death qualified jury? An unconstitutionally constituted jury from which prosecutors exclude any compassionate abolitionists.


In excluding abolitionists, prosecutors and judges deny the right of a defendant to a jury of his or her peers.

The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it. -Frederick C Davis & Harry O Hoyt

Why are African American jurors excluded by many prosecutors? Because they are more merciful.


Judge no one, we are told. Only God is omniscient. No one else has all the data.


Execution judges have their gavels and pens as murder weapons

Like ancient Caesars they turn thumbs down on pleas for mercy.'


As most who eat meat delegate the murder of the animal to a slaughterhouse worker, so most judges prosecutors and parole boards delegate the murder of a prisoner.


Prosecutors have often put their careers ahead of ethics and have often executed innocent men and women.


Now in the US for the first time those who oppose the death penalty are 60% of the population.


Prosecutorial lynching included the use of jailhouse snitches, a term for cellmates or jailmates who will lie in order to receive favors such as early release from prison.


War which is a death penalty sentence for millions desentizes to execution and vice versa


Some state supreme courts have are composed entirely of whites. At least one parole board has been all white males, many employed by the privatized prison system.


The current 6 Republican justices on SCOTUS define themselves as 'prolife'. They are in favor of fetal rights but not of the right to life of prisoners, victims of illegal wars, animals in slaughterhouses.

Supreme Court justices at present are unelected. They serve for life. These unelected persons can quash the will of the vast majority, hundreds of millions of sovereign individuals


Executions cost a state millions of dollars. Former governor Robert Taft of Ohio, great grandson of President Taft, is one of many Republicans who have changed their minds because of factors such as the execution of innocents and the expense.


Fewer will be guilty of contempt of the present Supreme Court when executions and ratification of torture cease, when money is no longer classified as speech, when wars are not rubber stamped.

Agatha Christie: Judges murder within the law.


Sister Helen Prejean: No one is the worst moment in his life.


Elizabeth George: (the loved ones) of a murder victim like to project guilt onto someone else. Those who work to execute the killers of their loved ones are choosing the dead over their living loved ones. They keep rubbing the sore (of the crime) rather than engaging in healing.


American Bar Association: Executions are racially and economically biased (the poor and not the rich who kill are executed).  The ABA found many to be incompetent in preserving DNA evidence while a death row inmate remains behind bars. There hasn't been police interrogations recorded and no state has met ABA standards inproviding counsel for indigent prisoners.


A black man on death row is 3.8 times more likely than a white man to be executed.


P G Wodehouse when responding to someone who used racist speech:
"I don't hate in plurals." -
Saint of Shirdi: Bullets do not eliminate darkness.
Amnesty Internation:  UN opposition to death penalty grows.https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/12/un-opposition-to-the-death-penalty-continues-to-grow/


As only 5 states, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, all with Republican governors, only 10% of US states, executed prisoners in 2020. There were 13 federal executions, almost double the 4 in TX, and 1 each in the other 4 states. Internationally, only 20 of 195 countries murdered prisoners in 2020. It is time to elect 1 justice every 1 or 2 years . The US instituted direct election of US senators a century ago. It has long been time for direct election of justices.



Whether one is a believer, agnostic or atheist, in every faith and ethical system are those who oppose death chambers.

Some Christians support politicians and judges who kill prisoners.

Jesus stopped an execution in progress. "Let him without sin cast the first stone."

David was never executed, though in lust he deliberately sent the husband of the woman he desired

to the front lines.

Cain was not executed for killing Abel in jealousy.

Moses was not executed for killing the Egyptian in anger.

Paul was not executed for killing Christians in obedience to a violent government.

Governor Jesse Ventura said when he ended Minnesota executions, as others had said before him "Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with



God is infinite mercy.








(Since 2004, the FDA has required a warning on all antidepressants because of their correlation to
homicides and suicides)



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Some Current Animal Rights, Environment, And Other News



Billions of animals from small birds and squirrels to raccoons and cats have died crushed in mechanized truck trash collectors....Neither corporate nor municipal trash collectors take the time to check dumpsters or cans before emptying them
Turning trash into treasure: using plastic pellets in building blocks and road construction
A cricket on the hearth is good luck, it is said. A company is making dog food treats out of killed crickets. Crickets too have rights.
There are 147 million vegan dog websites.. Vegan dogs are smarter, gentler, healthier, stronger.
Vegan dogs are smarter, gentler, healthier, stronger. Vegetarian cats are smarter, gentler,
healthier, stronger than fisheating cats who have radiation, mercury poisoning, kidney stones etc.
Wikipedia referred to the 44,000 cows on the Mormon owned Deseret Ranches of Florida as 'head of beef cattle'. Animals are not just their heads but their bodies.
Some Mormon businesses do not sell coffee or tea because of caffeine but do sell caffeine containing colas. Dioxypurine (caffeine) is not as harmful as trioxypurine (uric acid) in animal muscle cells.
Why I Don't Eat Meat - UK Indymedia
State agencies in Utah punishing vegetarian and vegan parents http://emmasmith.org/FamilyVsState.htm
There is a small but growing group of Mormon
vegetarians. http://ldsveg.org
Business Insider covered 25 biggest landowners in US, but failed to mention
Deseret Ranches owned by the Mormon church which has the country's largest
cow calf operations, 295,000 acres in Florida as well as other cattle ranches and factory farms.
One of many Mormon church owned factory farms is https://twitter.com/nonviolentnews9/status/1368745971811823617/photo/1
In addition the church owns several cattle and other ranches, and was reported to own stock in a fast food chain.
The following link claims to list the 10 largest ranches in the US but most listed
are under a quarter million acres, while
Business Insider has a more complete list
of 25 ranches at 250,000 to 2 million acres
It is indeed ironic that the United Methodists support Heifer International's
animal cruelty since John Wesley, founder of Methodism, was vegetarian as were the founders of the Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventists, Franciscans etc. who believed Jesus, the Essene, was vegetarian.
Heifer Int'l sends terrified baby cows, pigs, sheep, oxen, goats, water buffalo, llamas, alpacas, camels, rabbits, chickens, bees, frogs fish, to others in promoting animal ag. Some
beings die in being shipped. Others after a life
of slavery are slaughtered.
Huge Brazilian cowkilling JBS got
tax subsidies from US. JBS and Smithfield (owned by Chinese co.) have had high
rates of worker covid infections. Farm animals and workers can transmit covid to
each other according to UC Davis, Univ of Minnesota, Dutch health authorities etc.
In May of 2019 Trump gave 16 billion to huge animal agriculture operations. At that time JBS, world's largest animal
slaughter co., got 78 million $, more
than any US pig murder operation.
In discussing another Mormon church owned ranch the Salt Lake Tribune used objectifying pronoun 'which' rather than 'who'
to refer to cows. Mormon cattle ranches r a factor in Utah drought & fires fireshttps://www.sltrib.com/news/environment/2020/10/01/lds-churchs-northern-utah/
Singer Billie Eilish a vegan
Grocery stores could stop crushing produce and donate it to food banks.. restaurants could
donate cooked but not served food to food banks etc.
Georgia bill would criminalize giving food and drink to people waiting in line to vote. It would
also eliminate Sunday voting etc.
MSNBC's Sunday night host Mehdi Hasan, covered more progressive topics with
compassion, passion, and intellect than any other
It took George Floyd 7 minutes and 46 seconds
slowly to suffocate under the knee of a Minnesota policeman who ignored his saying
he could not breathe. Whether it's a human being or a fish, all have a right to breathe.
In 2007, JBS bought cow and pig killer Swift and Co. In 2008, it purchased cowkilling operations of Smithfield. In 2009, it acquired chicken knifer Pilgrim’s Pride. In 2015, JBS bought Cargill’s pig slaughter division. And in 2017, the company purchased chicken knifer GNP Co. 8 senators want JBS' monopoly challenged.
China has suspended imports from two Brazilian pig slaughter plants owned by JBS SA and BRF SA according to the Chinese customs authority, as it cracks down on meat shipments
JBS Co.setting fire to and bulldozing Brazilian rainforest has burned trillions of creatures alive and harmed the entire world's raincycles. JBS has 60,000 employees in US, and their slaughterhouses here had high rates of infected workers.
Worker sneezes can make the meat covid contaminated.
French fries require ideally 3 ingredients:
1. organic potatoes 2. olive, coconut,
almond or other oil 3. salt
Some of 19 items in McD fries
Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]*, Citric Acid Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Salt. TBHQ. Dimethylpolysiloxane

Greenpeace creates boulder barrier zone to prevent
destructive fishing
An overexposed NIAID director promoted the following vax knowing it was contaminated
Animal Rights And Environment News
In 2016 a Massachusetts ballot measure banning the sale and production of eggs, veal, and pork from chickens, calves, and pigs confined in cages, passed with a 78 percent “yes” vote.
Whole Foods is running an ad promoting purchase of Whole Fooss fish.. Once the fish are killed and cut up they aren't whole, nor are they ever
healthy food.
8 countries with strong animal protection laws
Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Denmark
Vegan frienly cities: London, NY, Berlin, LA, Toronto, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Portland,.Prague, Bangkok
Meat giant brings lab grown meat to Brazil.
Lab grown meat is better than murdered animal flesh, but also has uric acid, lack of fiber, homocysteine correlated to Alzheimer's
Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek praises a vegan chicken sandwich
Leonardo DiCaprio tells 37 million fans to replace
animal flesh with Beyond Burgers
More than 80% of Indian Ocean dolpins killed by commercial fishing
https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/mar/03/more-than-80-of-indi... 9
Lyon France mayor's decision to remove meat from
school lunches angers others. A past Minnesota health dept official said that giving a child rare meat is
akin to driving 95 mph on the freeway with him in the back. Those who ditch meat are saving children from
leukemia, food poisoning, obesity, and dozens of other health problems

Woody Harrelson inspired 'Stranger Things' costar Sadie Sink to go vegan as a while back Danny DeVito
convinced Marilu Henner to go vegetarian. She said
DeVito didn't want cockroaches on the set killed.

Jackson MS outlaws labels of plantbased food as
plantbased meat. So now this mother and son team are
selling their Cajun Creole favorites in Portland Oregon.
*https://vegnews.com/2021/3/food-outlawed-mississippi-vegan-cajun-creole-portland 12
Though nut milk is hundreds of years old as a term,
the EU parliament kowtows to dairy lobby.

Hayek Hospital in Beirut Lebanon becomes the first hospital in the world to offer exclusively vegan food

When the Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Marylan
served only vegetarian food, the govt. threatened that unless meat were

offered to patients, the hospital would lose any federal funds

Vegetarians and vegans are taxed to provide health care for those with meat,

fish and dairy diseases, some of which are multiple types of cancer,

animal fat based heart attacks, strokes, and aneurisms, animal protein

generated Alzheimer's (animal fat and homocysteine), food poisoning,

kidney dysfunction (carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per lb),

arthritis from uric acid or pre-urine in meat muscle cells, addiction

(the trioxypurine in meat is more addictive than dioxypurine (caffeine),

impotence (animal food residue blocking penile arteries) etc.

Should meat, fish, eggs and dairy be taxed?


Fed'l Senators, reps work to end prisoner murder or execution.
Rep Ayanna Pressley: "State sanctioned murder is not justice"
Former gov Jesse Ventura:
"Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with exceptions."
Sr. Helen Prejean: "The Bible belt has been the death belt."
States with legislation to abolish the death penalty are asteriske

in the following link


Pescatarians, fisheaters, create fish suffocation suffering. Fish flesh includes

radiation, brain destroying mercury and other heavy metals, uric acid,

Alzheimer's generating homocysteine
Fish can't scream. Their flesh is neurotoxic, carcinogenic, raioactive.
"Raw fish such as sushi has liver flukes." -JBO
"Taking fish oil is like eating the filter out of a car." -Dick Gregory
Besides karma of asphyxiating fish, illegal nuclear waste dumping in seas by

many countries concentrates radiation in fish flesh.

All fishing is overfishing. Canadian seals are clubbed, Japanese dolphins are

knifed, whales
are murdered by Norwegians partly because
these beings eat fish whom humans want for

Tobacco ads on public airwaves have been banned because of health risk.

Animal products
cause many more annual deaths. It's time to
ban meat, fish, dairy and egg ads.. for the animals, human health,

climate protection, energy conservation, higher food yield

Norman Schwarzkopf was given an award by the Safari Club for
having killed not 300 animals but 300 Kinds of animals.
He coordinated with McCaffrey, Powell, George H W Bush the
Highway of Death, the carpetbombing
murder of 250,000 people, children,
donkeys and dogs and the bulldozing of many of them alive.



“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.” —Julian Assange


N Carolina breeders have sent 1000 roosters to Guam for cockfighting


Polar bear trapped in a concrete jail zoo

Grocery stores which unnecessarily wrap produce in plastic
such as polyethylene, PVC, and PVDC
are polluting the world. Sticky labels, nonbiodegradable, on fruits and

vegetables annoy millions and their adhesive can harm ocean fish.

New York requires vegan meal option at all hospital meals.

The US has a much higher rate of Caesarian sections than
other countries. C sections generate much higher income for doctors.
MD's impatient at waiting for a natural delivery. Uterus
damaging C sections also leave scars. Some die under anesthesia. Women

gynecologists are less likely to do unnecessary surgery

Many mouthwashes and toothpastes contain animal derived glycerine.

Since Mitch McConnell refused to vote on Obama SCOTUS nominee and jammed

through a prolife executioner, it is
time to make SCOTUS a 15 member court, 6 GOP and 9 Dems

Buy vegan dog food to prevent cancer, heart disease, kidney problems,

arthritis etc in pets, and to
avoid killing some animals to feed others. It's time for
Nestle, owner of Purina, Rachael Ray and others to stop killing millions of
animals in dog foods.

Aldi's is an international grocery chain and should
accommodate vegans and those transitioning to it
by offering vegan icecreams and pastries. Neither are part of an ideal diet,

but both are better than the animal product versions.

Leo Tolstoy was vegetarian. The Doukhobors had some connection with him
... they became vegetarian and emigrated from Russia to Canada.
Between 1899 and 1914, thousands of Doukhobors left their homeland of

Russia to settle in Canada. ... In total, 7,500 Doukhobors arrived in Canada

during the four voyages.,
Why Doukhobors Are Vegetarians
Current veganism in Russia

S Africa slowly embracing veganism

Vegan Australia


Covid-19: Single-use plastic impact 'will last forever'
Plastic pollution experts say the pandemic is making it hard for people to cut

down on single use plastics. (Hospitals
.. always huge nonrecyclable trash generators... even worse now)

Is this the first time in its 66 year history that McDonald's will offer
a vegetarian sandwich to its US customers?


NY Mayor's office urges people to cut down on meat consumption for the sake
of climate protection.


Volvo commits to all electric cars by 2030 and to phasing out of animal

Chile slaughters around 15.4 land-based animals per person / year, which is

much higher than the global average of 9.7. The country’s dependency on farm

animals is relatively high, with around 5 farm animals per person (compared with

a global average of around 4). Factory farming is widespread throughout the

country, particularly in dairy, pig and poultry production.

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Governor Ed Fitzgerald Of Ohio: Make It Happen

Political Action


user img

Time To Dump Executioner, Petroplutocrat Pawn, Library Funds Slasher John Kasich
Only 5 governors of 50 are still involved in state murder. One is John Kasich of Ohio

Executioner, mass transit opponent, slasher of library funds,
nonenforcer of Ohio environmental law, governor John Kasich
should be dumped this fall. Please help make Democrat Ed Fitzgerald governor of Ohio.

The current incumbent, John Kasich, is one of only FIVE
governors our of FIFTY still involved in the barbarism
of state murder (execution). The US is one of only 12%
of the world's countries still involved in judicial,
prosecutorial, gubernatorial or other government
murder. Kasich ignores Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic,
Methodist, Presbyterian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish and
other groups opposed to state murder. Republicans on the Ohio Supreme Court have helped.

Stop the fracking industry and Kasich from poisoning Ohio's waters


When Abraham Lincoln was murdered, a funeral train brought his body through Cleveland and Columbus to Cincinnati. In the early 1900's, a triumvirate of powerful car, gas, and tire men sought around the country to kill trains and streetcars. The Cleveland to Cincinnati train disappeared. For many decades now Ohioans have been working to bring back that train. But Kasich, indebted to oil and gas men for his election, sent 400 million dollars in mass transit money back to Washington.  2 of the 3 (Rockefeller, Ford and Firestone) who destroyed the US train system were Ohioans.


Because of the Cleveland Clinic, Summa, and other hospital conglomerates as well as insurance scams by United health Care and others, Ohioans pay the 4th largest premiums in the country . when Kasich came into office he began slashing Medicaid recipients from the rolls and increasing copays for the poorest Ohioans. When a number of states recently took federal funds to expand Medicaid, Ohio was among them but the negligent phone contacts, the months and months for approval have made the Republican supervision of Medicaid in Ohio very inefficient.

The Kasich administration has falsified its jobs record.

John Kasich has each year in office reduced the money
for Ohio libraries, yet there have been no such reductions
for the 5% of the population who enjoy slaughtering bears,
killing deer, trapping beaver. The Ohio Dept. of Natural
Resources actually spends tax money promoting the brutal blood 'sport' of bow and arrow hunting.

John Kasich was an executive of Lehman Brothers when that company went bankrupt.

He was a frequent warmonger guest on monopolist Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. Murdoch's NewsCorp has been itself making news illegally tapping British citizens.

He has accepted over a half million dollars in contributions from his political appointees.


The Republicans of Ohio have cut way back on early voting because they are a minority party. The Republican attorney general of Ohio has tried to throw 26 million dollars of state legal business to one of his biggest Columbus law firm contributors.  Ohio Republicans were responsible for vote fraud which twice installed the unelected George W Bush and stole the presidency of the elected Al Gore and John Kerry.


Ohio pension funds under the control of Republican Josh Mandel and others are dangerously invested in fast food despite Wall St. warnings that fast food chains are a bad investment.





Despite Ed's youthful appearance he will be 46 in 2014 and has experience as a mayor, a county executive, and in law enforcement.





From derailing antifracking action and inaction regarding forest protection o killing untold numbers of trees for lottery tickets, the Kasich administration has been the enemy of nature.


Footnote: When one looks in a search engine for Fitzgerald's website, the plutocratic search engine owners put John Kasich's website first.