Supreme Court

Federalist Society Puts 7 Executioners On List



Of the nominees for the

Supreme Court submitted

by Leonard Leo and the


all seven are

are executioners

... everyone on the list


saiom shriver

Problems With the Supreme Court Pentocracy



  • Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and many others have said no person under a criminal investigation

    as Donald Trump is should be able to nominate a Supreme Court judge.


    Supreme Court justices too can be impeached. The 5 Republican justices are all serial judicial murderers who have turned

    down copious requests for mercy from prisoners.


    Justice Roberts wrote a brief defending torture.

    Neil Gorsuch is a dovehunter, something which would disqualify him in 19th

      century Britain from judging others. It was felt that frequent killing of animals made one insensitive to suffering.

    Alito promised to recuse himself re his Vanguard stock and broke his word. 

    Clarence Thomas was a Monsanto attorney. He s on the court because of the mysterious plane crash death of Missouri Democrat Senate candidate Jerry Litton. President Carter had said he thought Litton might be president one day.

      John Danforth, Republican, was then elected and promoted Thomas as a candidate to G H W Bush. 

    Justice Kennedy's son had a questionable relationship with Trump.. He worked for Deutsche Bank

      for 10 years which loaned money to Trump who could not get loans from American banks because of his many defaults.


    The current court has 5 Catholic Americans who are 22% of the population but 55.5% of the court. Catholic bishops in the US

    have been willing to elect warmongers and serial executioners and hunters to the White House because of their narrow definition of 

    reverence for life. The 3 Jewish Americans. 2% of the population are 33% of the court. It is time for more religious diversity. It would be good for the next nominee to be Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim, for example. 


    Donald Trump has allowed the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation to select the list from which the justice nominee is picked.


    We are the only country in the world in the world allowing 5 men, pawns of the rich, to erase the will of the vast majorit of Americans. These unelected men serve for life and make us a pentocracy not a democracy.


    Who is guilty of contempt for this court? The entire world.


    It is time to elect justices and to limit them to 9 or 18 year terms.


    The animal cruelty record of impeachable Gorsuch … 

    Scalia convinced Elena Kagan to kill a deer



    saiom shriver



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