cultural decisions

Twisted Reversal

Twisted consequences spin chaos in a tornado,

Pulling sideways and upside down,

Feel the weight of the sudden drop,

Unexpectedly falling calmly into place,

Death wears a joker mask; such a morbid sense of joy.


Rushing between the traffic of the cattle,

The human market is open for business; ripe for the selling,

Heading to the mountains to breathe fresh air again,

Reclaiming the sense of self,

As pieces of me float like snowflakes into place.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The sudden realisation that things are actually ok... not as bad. A continuation on my poem "Unmapped Decision"

Why do Girls Have To Shave?

My thoughts

This might be something that
others feel is a wierd thing
to write a poem about.

But it's something that
I've wondered for several years.

Men don't have to shave here
in the United States of America,
But the women do.

It's a nucience,
and I don't like it!

Please don't judge me!
I don't know why it is
that I don't like to shave!

I guess I feel like there are
other things that I could be doing!

Things that are more important,
and would either help me with school,
or be something that I want to do.

I guess you can tell by now,
that I hate to have to shave.

Although, I will do it when I must,
I really don't like to do it,
not at all!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something that I've been thinking about, and decided that there was probably no reason not to just make a poem about it.