Why do Girls Have To Shave?

My thoughts

This might be something that
others feel is a wierd thing
to write a poem about.

But it's something that
I've wondered for several years.

Men don't have to shave here
in the United States of America,
But the women do.

It's a nucience,
and I don't like it!

Please don't judge me!
I don't know why it is
that I don't like to shave!

I guess I feel like there are
other things that I could be doing!

Things that are more important,
and would either help me with school,
or be something that I want to do.

I guess you can tell by now,
that I hate to have to shave.

Although, I will do it when I must,
I really don't like to do it,
not at all!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something that I've been thinking about, and decided that there was probably no reason not to just make a poem about it.

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Im not a girl but I hate

Im not a girl but I hate shaving too lol that's why I have a beard now!

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Lol, wow! XDD

Lol, wow! XDD


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I hate shaving too

i really dont like shaving and i dont think its weird of gross that you feel that way. me and one of my friends rarely shave and people always tease us about our "man legs". once i went an entire month without shaving! but then i decided to shave ( it took me an hour and a half) it is something i actually spend time thinking about so i thought it was quite funny that someone else spent time thinking about this weird cleaning habit that is exclusive to girls.

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Lol, and only to girls in the

Lol, and only to girls in the United States! No where else do women shave! No fricken fair! Lol, and my problem with my "body hair" is that it's really f-ing thick! My hair on my head breaks real easily and is fragil, but any other place is thick with some pores having more than 1 hair comming out of it, and it's just discusting!