outside perspective

Twisted Reversal

Twisted consequences spin chaos in a tornado,

Pulling sideways and upside down,

Feel the weight of the sudden drop,

Unexpectedly falling calmly into place,

Death wears a joker mask; such a morbid sense of joy.


Rushing between the traffic of the cattle,

The human market is open for business; ripe for the selling,

Heading to the mountains to breathe fresh air again,

Reclaiming the sense of self,

As pieces of me float like snowflakes into place.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The sudden realisation that things are actually ok... not as bad. A continuation on my poem "Unmapped Decision"

Unmapped Decision

Restless toes on the edge of the waterfall peak,

To fly or swim, suffocate or fall,

Temptation tickles the need for retreat;

Even planets migrate to the stars,

Give and no take,

No warmth to remember during the pining of a lonely heart.


On top of mountains, curtained by the clouds,

Everything below in a web woven by nature,

It’s sad to see the man-made scars;

Unnatural to feel concrete beneath bare feet.

Tangled in wants and needs,

No room to breathe when the air gets so thin,

Through preservation we remain static shadows:

Holding on to the flesh,

Reaching out to infinity,

There’s no return.


Vessels depart with souls,

Counting eternity amongst the constellations,

Fate is not a specific time of a happening:

Just the inevitable that repeats itself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pulled out of a sense of security, seeing the bigger picture, the problems around us not just personal... hope this one works.