Cthulhu Mythos



Little is known about this entity,

I don't know if it roams free.

It could be locked somewhere,

In the past, future or present.


It is made out of living fire,

Something you could not hire.

Associated with the star Fomalhaut,

Which is its home, its delight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Cthugha.

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A seaport in the land of Ooth-Nargai,

Being build of sky-blue marble;

Topped by slender minarets.


Bronze statues of famous heroes,

One page topped from Al Azif.

In the center the temple to Nath-Horthath,

Where eighty orchid-wreathed priests serve,

No less than ten thousand years old art they.


The greatest trading center in the Dreamlands,

Creatures of all sort in their bazaars.

As in Sona-Nyl, there being no time,

Nobody ever ages, dreamers aloft

In the taverns of Celephais.


Nobody matures, remaining forever innocent.

King Kuranes: King of Celephais,

Lost his life through drug addiction.

Living forever in the Dreamlands,

In the Palace of Seventy Delights,

Built of flawless rose-crystal.


Past the eastern gate is a park,

Wherein the King build a Norman Abbey

And a small Cornish fishing village,

To resemble his native Cornwall,

To which he can never return,

Now that his waking form is dead...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Celephais.

The Star


A gleam in the span of northern night
On snow-crust fields pours winter light
Afar past the clouds in the sea beyond
Lay the stars we have heaped our wishes on
Points in the cosmic weave of all
Guides from that sea with a siren call
Hopes spawned of them, that we ever reach
And the worlds which they warm we ever seek
A star in the black, what a lovely thing
A firey wonder which stirs up dream
Are we alone gazing upwards, into them? 
To distant eyes of our starborn kin
How they swirl in the dust of a billion years
How they move in the dance of brilliant spheres
Each sings it's name for electric ears
And cries its light with the hottest tears

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