Healing vs Transition






the transition and readjustments you face today,

are but remains of what could have been yesterday,

when you fall into the pit of self-loathing and pity,

that is something different, and a whole different 'city'.


insight into self is the key to it all,

admissions of truths denied are the constant fall,

for people who are bombarded by the hunger from others,

those 'others' lack in themselves what they think they see in another.


sometimes it's something of personal nature,

and it is the bearer of that truth to decide to share,

poking and prodding a wound that is healed,

only adds to your own misery in the end... of what you feel.


11:27 AM 7/15/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

on the difference between healing and becoming completely transparent. two very very different things. we are more transparent with some people than others, no matter if we are healed or not. it is a personal right, and a personal choice. transparency is not about healing, although it can be manipulated into looking as if it is done in police work, to place a blinder over the eyes of a person in order to retrieve information for something of their own importance. this a bigger subject than most could even fathom in these times, as well as aspects of it being used for coersion and mental torture. we all trust at our own pace, with whom we choose, in our own time, and no one else's. and then there are those that just for some reason, enjoy hearing lies and expanding on them. it becomes a joint effort in the 'argumentum ad ignorantium'.




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