I Got A Rock

On Halloween I always get a rock everywhere I go.

I decided to retaliate by throwing their rocks through their windows.

I never even get one piece of candy, that really blows.

I'm so ignorant that I cut my costume full of holes.

I look absolutely ridiculous and dorky in this stinking sheet, I don't even look like a ghost.

I'm paying people back for their unkindness, especially Lucy because she deserves it the most.

Last week Lucy told me to kick the football but I kicked her in the head.

She told her father and he started choking me, I thought I was dead.

When he got through strangling me, I dropped two Cherry Bombs down his pants.

I blew off his privates and now when he wants to give his wife some loving, he can't.

When people used to do mean things to me, they would laugh.

But now they treat me with respect to avoid my terrible wrath.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a parody of the Peanuts Comic Strip.

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