It was well over a year since Grandma died 

and whenever we visited Grandpa he’d give us quite a scare

because he would talk to Grandma…as if she was standing there.


Sometimes he would close his eyes and, on his face, a smile would crack,

as if he was listening to Grandma…and she was talking back!


At first we weren’t too concerned because we know how lonely Grandpa was

We’ve all felt the pain of loss…We know what sorrow does.


But it had been well over a year now and every time we returned

and watched him talk to Grandma…I admit…we were concerned.


One day we approached Grandpa as he sat in his favorite chair

and told him we we’re worried how he talks to Grandma…even though she isn’t there.


Grandpa smiled and said, “Don’ t worry family! I know your Grandma’s dead…but talking to her helps to keep her voice inside my head.


Talking to her throughout the day and dreaming of what she might say…keeps the memory of her voice alive…so it will never fade away.


Thank you for caring about me but there’s no need to worry.” Grandpa said

“Isn’t that right Grandma…then he closed his eyes and waited before smiling and nodding his head.


And from that day forward we never worried about Grandpa…never again felt sad or blue…because from that day forward we found ourselves talking to Grandma too.


It’s been well over a year now since Grandpa joined Grandma in heaven…and I talk to both of them almost every day…

ensuring the memory of their voices will remain in my head

never to fade away.

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I have this exercise I do…it’s an exercise in my mind…

I do it whenever I feel I’m losing may ability to be kind.


I simply look around me from the ground to the sky above

and I begin to list in my life…all the things there are to love.


I love my wife, my children, my grandchildren…

looking at old photographs.

I love watching people holding hands and anytime a baby laughs.


I love the moon, the stars, the clouds, the sun that hover in the sky

I love ice cream, cake and cookies…

I love peach cobbler, and apple pie.


I love animals that fly, run, swim, slither, crawl or hop around

I love animals that are loud…and those that never make a sound.


I love insects…ladybugs and moths…butterflies and bees.

I love all the different flowers and any kind of tree.


I love a hot summer day and a snow white winter freeze

I love the oceans and the mountains…the rivers and the seas.


I love drinking water, root beer and an occasional sweet iced tea.

I love watching cooking shows, British mysteries and reruns on TV.


I love to laugh sometimes so hard I shake from my shoulders to my belly.

I love picnics…eating sandwiches made with peanut butter and jelly.


I never get to finish my list because by this time in my mind…

I’ve already forgotten what it was that made me feel unkind..


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Wayne Dyer was famous for this saying…

(notice how his words so cleverly rearrange) 

He said: 

If you change the way you look at things 

the things you look at change…


As we began our camping trip yesterday

Wayne’s words came back to me

as I had a couple chances along the way

to test his philosophy.


We packed up early and were ready to go

The last step…plug the camper in and we’d be gone…

But once the plug had been inserted

The lights would not come one…


And no matter what I did..(which wasn’t much)

the lights would not discharge.

So we headed off to U-Haul

where they fixed them…free of charge.


And we had a nice chat with the man who fixed them…

before he sent us on our way…

and I thought if our lights had all been working

we wouldn’t have met this man today.


We decided not to use our GPS

It was, at first, a wonderful thought…

until Deborah asked if Tallahassee was on our route…

to which I answered- it was not!


But Tallahassee is where Bryan went to school

so we opened our windows to a lovely breeze

and smiled as we drove through the city

reliving old memories….


Sure we could have arrived at the campground earlier

If our day hadn’t taken these twists…

But…as Wayne Dyer might have said to me….


think of all we would have missed.



In the wake of another senseless tragedy,

all to commonplace today,

It’s hard to know what one should do

or find the right words to say.


I do know when sadness overtakes us 

it’s easy to lose sight

how we spend half our life in the light of day

and half in the dark of night.


When we are steeped in sadness,

when we think darkness will forever stay

the moon and stars provide us hope

and help to light our way.


And don’t ignore the evening primrose

or the jasmine shining bright

or the moonflower or the water lilies…

which only bloom at night.


Reminders that even in our darkest moments

seeds of hope and love can be sown.

Reminders that even when surrounded by sadness

you…are not alone


I hope anyone who is sad today

will try hard not to lose sight…

will remember all the people who love you…


and how daylight follows night.

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