When the news is hard to handle and it’s difficult to cope

We like to take a long walk…and rediscover hope.


Today’s walk was along the shoreline and in the salty morning air

just as we had hoped…hope was waiting there.


As we walked along the beach early before arrival of the crowds

we found hope that cloudy morning in the sun peeking through the clouds.


We found hope in the faithfulness of the waves and the rolling of the seas

In the confidence of the gulls as they floated on the breeze.


We found hope in a couple holding hands..the woman pregnant…hope within her womb

In baby birds learning how to catch fish and in buds on flowers about to bloom.


Then up ahead we saw something we hadn’t seen on this beach before

A baby girl and a puppy…playing together along the shore.


The puppy was darting back and forth her tail wagging to and fro

The baby girl laughed and clapped her hands…and begged her mom to let her go.


We watched them as they played…as they danced together for a while

The longer we stayed, the more we watched…the broader was our smile.


Yes, after our walk together this morning we found it easier to cope…

for strewn along our path we found so many instances of hope. 


And we were reminded when we open up our hearts

as we stop to survey our domain….

all the troubles of the world seem to fade away…

and only beauty and hope remain.

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There is a reason I love to walk as the ebony night turns to grey

a reason I love to witness the birth of another day.


I have always had this feeling as each new day’s begun

an overwhelming feeling of hope that, in me, rises with the sun.


Hope…that joy and happiness will somehow find a way

to wipe out the hate and bigotry…and our tears from yesterday.


Hope that we will be accepting…hope that love will conquer hate.

Hope that wars and bloodshed will end and peace we will create.


What helps refresh this hope that each new morning brings…

Is the moment when I’m out walking and the birds begin to sing.


For just as I believe with each sunrise my hope has a rebirth

I believe the voices of the birds trumpet a hope that’s in the Earth.


My hope is linked into the Earth’s…for as long as to hope she’s clinging

Her trees will grow, her flowers will bloom and her birds will continue singing.


Which is the reason I love to walk in the morning…silent…without words…

waiting for Earth’s first sign of hope…with the singing of the birds.

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When the world is fraught with fear and danger…and I find it hard to cope…

I allow that same world to remind me…there is always hope.


I see hope as each new sunrise brightens up the morn

I see hope on parents’ faces when a baby has been born. 


I see hope in every gardener’s eyes…as they sow their field of seeds

I see hope in every flower blooming…every tree and every weed.


I hear hope every time someone pops a cork in a bottle of champagne

and every time I overhear birds singing in the rain.


I see hope in every rainbow, in every birthday candle's light

I see hope in every flower that is blooming in the night. 


I find hope riding on the wind or drifting on the breeze

I see it in a baby’s smile or in the dancing of the bees.


I see it crawling in the caterpillar who hopes to be a butterfly

I see it in our faces every time we say goodbye.


I see hope in baby animals…in boats heading out to sea

I see hope in art and music and, yes, in poetry.


I see hope at every wedding…every nervous groom and blushing bride

and with every act of love and kindness…my hope is fortified. 


So when I look out on a world where fear and danger seem to surround me

I will never surrender 


So when I look out on a world where danger and fear seems, sometimes, to surround me

I will never surrender to them…not with so much hope around me

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The town sat in decay,

The small buildings once proud.

Rotted, time faded away.

The sign in front, "No Hope Aloud!"

The sky turned dark blue,

as the white moon trudged on.

The smog turned sky, a gahstly hue.

Hung in the air over Cemetary Lawn.

Outside the town sat a small clump of trees.

Sad looking were theese, to tired to sway,

From the slow broken breeze.

As they shivered away.

Up high in their branches, sat a nest.

Home to the heart of the town.

He who sat there had strayed from the rest.

Who's spirit was high and never came down.

The only sound, the implore of the tired old lore.

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore"...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece is my homage to Edgar Allen Poe featuring his Raven.

This poem is about giving up hope on something you love.

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They were on the edge of hopelessness…their dream…not going as they planned

until they happened on a little purple flower growing in the sand…


And they began to hope again…believing their dream…within their reach


when they saw a little purple flower growing on the beach.

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The pier was crowded with people…the water shimmered like glass

When a family of dolphins caught everyone’s eyes as they came swimming by en masse.


We watched one dolphin jump…I’ve never seen one jump so high…

when a little boy sitting next to us said, “Look, Mommy…did you see that dolphin fly?”


“Did you see him, Mommy? Did you see him jump? Dod ups see him touch the sky?”

“I knew dolphins could swim.” He yelled….”But I never dreamed that they could fly!”


His mom smiled at his innocence…and a tear fell from her eye.

“How lucky we were to be here, she said…when that dolphin chose to fly.”


“You see it doesn’t happen often…we’re not sure the reason why… 

but not many people ever get the chance…to see a dolphin fly.”


“I wonder if it’s a sign,” his mom said…”perhaps the dolphin is telling you

not to give up hope…that your dream may still come true.”


That some day people will see you jump…they will see you touch the sky…

and another boy will yell out, “Mommy, did you see that little boy fly?”


The boy nodded his head an smiled…a smile that filled the air…


As they turned to walk away together…as Mom pushed his wheel chair.

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Sometimes I wonder if our world is doomed to dwell in the slumber of ignorance…

and oftentimes I mourn

because it is in our ignorance of other people 

where prejudice is born.


Sometimes I wonder if our world is doomed to dwell in the slumber of ignorance…

and oftentimes I’m distraught

because it is in some families, some churches, even in our own own government

where prejudice is taught.


Sometimes I wonder if our world is doomed to dwell in the slumber of ignorance…

and oftentimes I’m dejected

because all too often in our world today

prejudice is accepted.


Prejudice is a child of ignorance…if we can reason we know it’s wrong

and it’s only when our reasoning is weak that our prejudices are strong…


So I hope for a world where the words gender, race, ethnicity, immigrants, refugees, sexual orientation, class, age….and disability

will some day be replaced 

with one word…equality…


And I hope one day for a world where love is constantly expanding

where we dwell in the slumber of compassion, in acceptance and understanding.


Sometimes I wonder if this dream will ever come true…

but oftentimes it helps me cope…

for I refuse to slumber in a world of ignorance


when I can slumber in a world of hope…

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I’ve been disappointed in my country this week…with what’s been happening across this land

How more and more people are being massacred yet assault rifles are not banned.


I am sad to live in a country that isn’t guarding its children and its youth…

where lies flow out of our politicians mouth as easily as truth.


Where their solution to this problem…their way to protect their daughters and their sons

is to add more firearms to the equation…. and have our teachers carry guns.


I have watched what’s happening with a heavy heart…watched and tried to cope

but lately, despite trying to stay positive…I have been losing hope…


And then…


This week I saw students come together after their lives were tragically rearranged….

standing up to our ineffectual politicians…and determined to make change.


And this week as I watched the leaders of our country and felt agitated and annoyed

two friends of ours had babies… two beautiful baby boys.


And this week…with the biggest smile on her face…in fact it was only yesterday…

another friend of ours became a citizen…a citizen of the USA.


And yesterday I was reminded of family when Damien, our eldest grandson,

who I’ve watch grow from a baby to a man…had a birthday…. 21!


And all this made me realize…


Yes there’s a lot of bad happening in the world…which means there’s still so much to do

but if you stop to look around …there’s joy and happiness too….


So I can choose to see only the bad in life…and sit around and mope

Or I can accept life’s disappointments…and never give up hope.


Hope that there is hope for America…that perhaps it’s not too late…

Hope that in the long run…


love will conquer hate.

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In August we left our house in Florida for 10 weeks in NC.

We didn’t prepare for a hurricane…(call it smug complacency).


Now we are safe and in our cabin just me and Deborah…(you may remember she’s she’s my spouse)

while a huge hurricane named Irma…is barreling toward our house.


Wherever you are…if you’re staying put, on the road or safely in NC

nothing makes you more nervous…than that cone of uncertainty…


We do not know what will happen…for us this is a first…

In our hearts we are expecting the best…but we’re ready for the worst.


All the times spent waiting and waiting as Irma slowly comes across

makes everyone anxious, edgy, scared…and definitely at a loss…


At a loss knowing all this anticipation is a kind of living hell…

At a loss to know what will happen to the places in which we dwell


At a loss knowing no weatherman or weather woman can totally assure

that our homes, our friends and families will be safe…will be secure…


So now we wait..we wait…we hope…we pray…we keep our fingers crossed

and hope that when Irma’s through with us…we have not experienced a loss…


But knowing, if we have, there are people who love us…people who care

who will help us find our way out…of our heartbreak and despair.


Who will help us through our struggles…who will help us find a seed

A seed of hope when we need it most…in our time of grief and need…


And there is our silver lining…knowing no matter what misfortunes we come across…


If we’re surrounded by people who love us…we are never at a loss

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