Wayne Dyer was famous for this saying…

(notice how his words so cleverly rearrange) 

He said: 

If you change the way you look at things 

the things you look at change…


As we began our camping trip yesterday

Wayne’s words came back to me

as I had a couple chances along the way

to test his philosophy.


We packed up early and were ready to go

The last step…plug the camper in and we’d be gone…

But once the plug had been inserted

The lights would not come one…


And no matter what I did..(which wasn’t much)

the lights would not discharge.

So we headed off to U-Haul

where they fixed them…free of charge.


And we had a nice chat with the man who fixed them…

before he sent us on our way…

and I thought if our lights had all been working

we wouldn’t have met this man today.


We decided not to use our GPS

It was, at first, a wonderful thought…

until Deborah asked if Tallahassee was on our route…

to which I answered- it was not!


But Tallahassee is where Bryan went to school

so we opened our windows to a lovely breeze

and smiled as we drove through the city

reliving old memories….


Sure we could have arrived at the campground earlier

If our day hadn’t taken these twists…

But…as Wayne Dyer might have said to me….


think of all we would have missed.


How do we stamp out envy and killing and war and hatred

when around us so much has unfurled?

How do we bring back love, acceptance and understanding?

How do we change the world?


The answer may seem simple but it’s also glorious and sublime.

The best way to change the world, my friends…is one person at a time.


That is why as the last year comes to a close and the new one is incoming

I ask myself some questions about the person I’m becoming.


Do I bring joy to those around me? Do I enchant, amuse…beguile?

Have I been generous and giving? Have I made other people smile?


Have I been kind and compassionate? Am I not afraid to cry?

Have I brought joy into the world?…and not to oversimplify


but am I sensitive to the needs of others? Is my advice useful, effective and sound?

Am I someone people turn to? Am I safe to be around?


Have I seen the goodness in others? Do my friends and family think I’m a delight?

Have I been kind to strangers? Have I tried to do what’s right?


Am I accepting of others in this world though they are not at all like me?

Is the person I see in the mirror each morning….the person I want to be?


When I look back on this past year…at 2017 and my essence as a whole…

have I lived with love inside my heart and kindness in my soul?


I try to answer these questions truthfully…as the old year yields to the new…

And once again, in 2018…It seems…I’ve got some work to do.


But I am lucky as a human…with a new year about to be unfurled

there is still time to change myself…

and, perhaps, one day…


change the world.

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I wonder as we live and breathe on this planet that revolves

if the key to life is a puzzle we’re trying much too hard to solve?


We don’t need computers…no algorithms need to be run…

for doesn’t the Earth change daily on it’s trip around the sun?


The rivers are constantly changing…as are the oceans and the seas…

changing every day…like the flowers and the trees.


The weather is never the same…the sky changes with every sight…

seasons come and go…daylight changes into night.


When I look at myself in the mirror hanging from our closet door…

I am a little older…than I was the day before…


So what is nature trying to tell us 

by this continuous rearranging?

That, perhaps, the only constant to life, 

is that it’s always changing…


And if change is nature’s way…and there’s no way to replace it

Perhaps the key to life is not to fight the change…


the key is to embrace it.

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Nothing is Unchanged

Time moves on,

So is the civilisation,

The country that I lately visited,

Has made me poignant and delighted.


There used to be

Ponds many,

Which are consumed already,

By the edifices utterly.


Lost in the womb of olden times,

Are the playgrounds sometimes,

Yet the roads make me smile,

For a while.


The village looks as if it,

Changed its sheath in unsullied spirit,

As is done again and again,

By the snake every so often.


I look for my ancient times,

I look for the old feelings,

I look for what I have lost,

Yes, I look for, at any cost.


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We can Change the World

We can change the world if we uphold,

One another being sympathetic,

You and me,

By taking the steps bold.


Impossible is nothing,


Speak, encourage,

And that change honest effort can bring.


Don’t simply say,


Act and know you must,

The dawn is not far away.


The devils will keep trying,

To stop, to misguide,

But you ignore,

Concentrate like a kingfisher on the main thing.


Let’s make our lone dwelling,

A place of peace, prosperity,

Brotherhood, kindness and no hatred,

I like a beggar am imploring and pleading!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 17th line, 'home' means 'world'.

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Shadows Born of Death



Piercing the shell




Clouding vision


The world spins

The world fades

And the mind is alone


No vision

Yet seeing red

The betrayed retch up their pride


Growing colder

Growing darker

Growing smaller

Retreating inside


A sea of inky darkness

Drips onto charred pages


Wrapped in the stained cocoon

A creature born of death

Will breathe new life soon

The cries to which you were deaf

Will be harbingers of your doom


The shadow emerges uncalled

Nothing but a dead-eyed echo

To tear down constructs that are ignorance-walled

There are grudges it can’t let go


You got your wish of segregation

When it became something apart from your ilk

Don’t regret the degradation

When the blood flows out like silk



It’s too late;