can't run from the past

DEAD PEOPLE (a note for the future)

When you are talking to a person, any person, about anything, and they are telling you a "story", there are aspects of the "story" that will touch you. Some aspects touch you deeply, others may anger you and never reach their intended destination within the"whole" of who you are. The reasons are because of how your life has formed up until that moment, an if you only have an awareness of your own experiences, and your own thinking pattern that was developed from your own experiences, what it comes down to is that their "truth" is never the entire "truth", but only a perspective of part of the "truth". So when we listen with only the parts of our ears, mind, heart, that can resonate with those things we hold as being "truth", we curse ourselves. Why? Because we choose closed mindedness. When we repeatedly insist that our truth is the only truth, and we neglect to change patterns of thinking we have adopted through only our own life experiences and group thinking rather than push our psyches to see a different way that could have been, to blaze a different trail that is uniquely our own, we turn our backs on possibilities and even our own very purpose for living on earth during these difficult times. No one will ever see entirely eye to eye with anyone. That is unrealistic and does little in the way of supporting things like human dignity. We are all on this earth at this time for a reason. All of our reasons may be different in each of our individual realities and trials and tribulations, but there are some things that most people care about, and one thing in particular that touches us no matter how much our subconscious helps us commit spiritual suicide. That Is Love. Undefinable, undeniable, LOVE.

To live in the past is to be dormant in life. To be, in most all ways, "dead". To run from the past and refuse to acknowledge it at all, is like a form of spiritual suicide in too many ways. Our pasts have the ability to cause great change as well as great stagnation. When we bravely face life with love for ourselves we find everything we need to always grow and always move forward. ..not be stagnant and "dead in spirit". 

Live your life whole. Rejoice in the fact that the past is over, and treasure today, because without it, there's no future. Your life begins not with what is around you. Your life begins with what is in you, and you have to build it yourself.





Yes, that's me.


I know.You thought you got it all.

Sucked up into the vacuum

And emptied into the trash

3 months ago with the other pieces of me

You threw onto the kitchen floor,


The picture perfect memories 

Of how you thought things were,




And so I figured I'd just hang out quietly,

And wait for the opportune time

To slide under your skin,

And remind you what color you bleed,

Just because I can.


The piece that was forgotten,

Left behind after weeks and months

Of your painstaking efforts to forget,

Only to show you how I never left,


The indelible ink 

Scripted in your best penmanship,

On the finest silken threads

That grew into all the things 

You can never leave behind.


I'm yours.

You're mine.


Our mind.


It's like the hugest splinter

We can never leave behind.


I'll be home at six. 

Dinner is in the oven.

You never know,

Tonight could be the night

We left behind.