Work Family


In the age of time, 

Friends come and go,

But family lives in you forever. 


Some family becomes foes,

Others become distant,

While others become closer and closer. 

Some have demons,

While others have flowers within. (Metaphorically speaking)


With work family, 

We grow as a team,

We have Teamwork, 

We argue, 

We fight, 

But at the end,

We become One. 


Some work family stay quiet,

Others talk and talk,

Some share their stories,

Many express through thoughts,

While others are there for one another. 


We always lose family to many wonders of Life,

But in the end, we gain knowledge from those that leave us. 


Today, we remember & Reflect an LDC Brother. God may have gained an angel; but forever he will be in our hearts. Especially with the Officers at Forest Ranger Pursuit or an Apprentice to Merlin. But in the end, he will always be remembered as Justin. 


Justin, may you enjoy your life beyond Legoland. Until we all meet again. We will miss you!

April 9th, 2017



Author's Notes/Comments: 

On April 1st, I lost a dear co-worker due to suicide. My coworkers and I were heart broken to hear the news. So i decided to write a poem not only dedicated to him, but also to the Family Bond my job has with each other. 


RIP Justin!

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