Who Are You?

Secrets that go to the grave,

they won't betray their oath


Living double lives,

Doctor Jeckle and Mr Hyde


Skeletons in the closet:

you think you know a person 


Putting on an act,

playing both sides 


Preaching the salvation of Jesus 

while hailing Satan in secret


Who are you?

I really what to know 


Who, who, who, who?


They won't tell you who 

they are 


They will deny it to

the grave 

Tormented until they die

living their life as lie


Might as well have committed suicide  


They won't tell you who they are:

Pretending to be saints 

While bowing to darkness  

They've been had

for a long time


Pretending to be good

while being Satan claus's own little helpers




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