A Candlestick

I hold my soul like a candlestick,

Without light, leading me blindly through the darkness,

I stumble and fall

While collecting scars like the medals of a general's jacket,

I ground my base at the bottom of a valley,

As I watch the fires of the world chase through the trees

Glittering the skies with ash, the darkness hides my form.

Although from such treachery, a spark finds the west winds,

Great renegade, deviant, as its angelic dance guides it to the surface.

I stand tall in the darkness, yet I am captivated by this cherry red shooting star,

As so bright to reflect the glow of my withered face.

My wick outstretched, with little thought a jewel so pure, would ever reach my setting

With luck the I find winds begin to shift, as I find your spark fall upon my crown.

I instantly find my world illuminated among the ash.

Your spark chases down my spine,

I tear in awe of the grandeur that you've brought before me

Tears, melting like wax down my face, yet your hands cradle my heart,

Collecting the tears that I've shed for you, they cling to my heart,

As the beauty I see in you, grows and builds around my heart.

For any wind nor wave could smother your flame,

And as the world may fall, our light will shine.



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Wow, what a debut poem!  I

Wow, what a debut poem!  I really admire this.



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Thanks, I wrote it on a limb

Thanks, I wrote it on a limb for my girl and decided to post.

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You definitely made the right

You definitely made the right decision for your premiere poem.



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Candlesticks are not on the priorty

must buy list this year or any year.

I just hold a flashlight for quick living

and if love happens, spotlight! Flickering

is past tense. Love is illuminated

then love goes out with a dead battery.

when that happens, I just

shut off the switch.



cool motif - slc :D