The new girl entered the classroom…

and though the students were informed

They could not help but stare at her…

her features were deformed.


Teacher gave her a big hug…

Come, let me show you to your seat.

“Class, this beautiful girls standing next to me

“I’d like you all to meet.”


“This is our new student Sally.” Teacher said, 

as she led her down the aisle

and as Sally sat behind her desk…

she saw the other students smile.


Every classmate was smiling at her…

even those sitting in the back

Sally could not help herself…

she had to smile back.


Sally came up to teacher at the end of the day

“Thank you.” she said, “for not putting me on the spot.”

“For making me feel beautiful…

even though you know I’m not.”


“I saw your beauty when you entered my room.” Teacher said.

“Oh don’t look so surprised!”

“I knew that you were beautiful

when I looked into your eyes.”


“None of us are perfect.”……teacher smiled

“So don’t ever be misled

because you don’t have to be perfect…

to be beautiful.” she said.


That simple lesson long ago

has taken Sally far…

and she begins each day by telling her students

just how beautiful they are.


For she understands her students come to her

with their own struggles…their own strife

and how sometimes the simplest gesture 

can change a person’s life.





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On the other side of silence…enchanting sounds appear…

if you take the time to listen…if you take the time to hear.


Walk along a forest path…listen to the breeze.

Pause next to a field of flowers…listen to the humming of the bees.


Put your ear up to their crumbly trunks…listen to the trees.

As the snow falls on a wintry day…listen to it freeze.


Walk inside a cemetery…listen to the graves.

Stand along the shoreline…listen to the waves.


If you turn your head up to the heavens…then gently close your eyes…

you can listen to the clouds as they soar across the sky.


Listen to the stars at night…you can almost hear their dreams.

Linger on the riverbank…listen to the stream.


On the other side of silence…nature conducts her symphony.

On the other side of silence…she finds her harmony.


On the other side of silence…softly filling the air…

a myriad of wonders…


waiting for you there.

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Have you ever stopped in the forest…and looked up at the trees…

rising from the Earth…in divine simplicity?

“This tree is so beautiful…as is that one.” you exclaim.

“But what makes the forest beautiful is how no two trees are the same.”


Have you ever stopped under an ebony sky…and looked up at the stars…

the clouds…the constellations…Venus, Jupiter…or Mars?

“This star is so beautiful…as is that one.” you exclaim.

“But what makes the sky so beautiful is how no two stars are the same.”


Have you ever been walking in a garden and stopped to look around

at the individual flowers that populate the ground.

“This flower is so beautiful…as is that one.” you exclaim.

“But what makes the garden beautiful is how no two flowers are the same.”


Each tree, each star, each flower has it’s own beauty when detached…

but when they come together…their beauty is unmatched.


Perhaps nature is trying to show us…there is a reason why…

we should try to see all people like the trees, the flowers, the sky.


Perhaps if we paused a moment and used our eyes too see

we would notice all the people of Earth…in their divine simplicity.

“This person has a beauty all their own…as does that one.” we'd exclaim.


“But what makes the Earth so beautiful is how no two people are the same.”

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If a tree ever thought about beauty, (if you could imagine that!)

would it wonder if its bark is a little too wrinkled…

or if its leaves make its head look too fat?


Does the blue jay who comes to our feeder and sees the cardinal circling overhead

ever get jealous of the other birds beauty and wish it was not blue but red?”


Does the sunflower standing tall in the garden swaying as the summer breeze blows

inspect all the flowers around it and wish it looked more like the rose?


Does nature ever think about beauty…do the oceans, the rivers…the stars

or are humans the only creatures on Earth…who wonder how beautiful we are?


Perhaps if we were more like nature…we would, like nature, be aware

not of our ephemeral beauty…but the beauty that’s already there.


The beauty that needs no mirrors, the beauty that nature extols…

The beauty that dwells in our hearts…

The beauty that exists in our souls.


Perhaps if we saw beauty like nature…perhaps then we’d be truly blessed…

for finding the beauty in others…would uncover the beauty we already possess.


And we would take our place in nature…next to the oceans the rivers and the stars

And we would never again have to give any thought…


or wonder…how beautiful we are.

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“Honey!” he said carrying an old album, “let’s go back and remember when…”

She gasped to herself as he opened it, “I was so much younger then.


“Look how beautiful I used to be…and I’d sure like to know”

“As I’ve gotten older…where did my beauty go?”


“Oh I beg differ.” He smiled. “For this beauty you’re talking about

has never shown from outward in…it flows from inward out.”


“The same beauty I see in these old photos, still fills my heart with sighs…

It radiates from your heart…your soul…it’s reflected in your eyes.”


“What makes you beautiful today is something time cannot destroy…

It’s how you live each moment…It’s the way you fill your life with joy. “


“I think beauty is like the seasons and it’s not until we’re fully grown

that we realize each season of life…has a beauty all it’s own.” 


“It’s true you’re not as beautiful as in this photograph array…

that would be impossible…because you become more beautiful every day.”


“So as we turn these pages…as we stop along the way…

Remember you were only younger then…you‘re much more beautiful today.”


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You Are Beautiful

Where does she hide?

Now she is with that boy,

Breathing in his cologne,

Running her hand up and down his leg,

As he looks at her she turns away,

Before she was smoking into the clouds,

Inhaling peace of mind,

A quiet serenity,

Yesterday she was drowning,

She was drowning and couldn't fight,

The waves of her past mauling her into submission,

The bruises went unnoticed by most but not I,

I told her she was safe,

Those things couldn't hurt her anymore,

I am unsure then why she ran,

A mysterious look in her eyes,

Unaware that these monsters,

These demons didn't have to define her,

So now I search for her,

But she is a lost soul,

So seeing her is a complicated endeavour,

No one knows where the real her hides,

Not even her,

But one day she will find herself,

Like all girls do,

And when she looks in the mirror,

She won't just see her beautiful face,

She'll see the smile of the brightest heart,

That was waiting to blind the world,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

accidentally put this under prose, my bad

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Isn’t sight such a beautiful thing.

A blessing they say.

Sometimes I envy the blind man.

Avoid the exterior at all costs.

Instant judgment based on the physical.

So typical.

Oh she’s pretty.

Look at her face.

Oh she’s a hoe.

Look at her clothes.

She’s so much more.

We’re so much more.

The physical is 1/10 of me.

The blind man only has to worry about the mental.

Beauty is fleeting.

Your sight can flee also.

Give me x ray vision to the mental.

The mind is so much more complex.

Not given enough credit or mention.

Overlooked and unappreciated.

A woman is more than a big ass.

A man is more than nice muscles.

But don’t get me wrong.

The human body is beautiful.

It’s art.

Gorgeous wrapping to the beautiful mind.

Created in God’s image

How can we not be gorgeous.

It’s like the icing to the cake.

Get past the icing to get to the middle.

Girl don’t try to be like a model.

Appreciate your own wrapping.

Wonderfully and perfectly made.

Flaws and all.



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