The sun rising in a clear blue sky is a magnificent place to be

as we watch that heavenly ball of fire rise slowly out of the sea.


It is a work of art being painted right before your eyes…impossible to ignore…

and every day the painting is a little different than the day before.


But there are those special mornings when the sun throws off her restraints

and invites the clouds to join her in the mixing of the paints.


And when the sun begins to paint and the clouds begin to glow

we realize how lucky we are…so we sit back and enjoy the show.


It’s performance art that changes continuously right before our eyes

a swirling, shifting, colorful kaleidoscope in the sky.


And we watch the painting being created…with as much attention as we can

for we know the painting will be finished as quickly as it began.


And it is…for in an instant as we watch…to our mutual dismay

The sun rises higher in the sky and the colors fade away.


So we stop to thank the sun and the clouds with a touch of happiness and sorrow…


sad today’s painting has disappeared…but looking forward to tomorrow.

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I was walking in a forest when I stepped out of the trees

and saw a field of sunflowers dancing in the breeze.


I stopped what I was doing…I was suddenly entranced

and I wondered if it was sunflowers that first enticed people to dance. 


I was walking early one morning when what did I espy

but a mix of beautiful color's lighting up the sky.


And I stopped what I was doing…I felt a little faint

and I wondered if it was a sunrise that first enticed people to paint.


I was walking down a quiet path when my mind was drawn upwards

to the treetops where I was mesmerized by the singing of the birds.


And I stopped what I was doing…that early morn in Spring…

and I wondered if it was birds that first enticed people to sing.


I was walking by a mountain creek…as if caught in a dream

when I heard the melody of the water as it gently flowed downstream.


And I stopped what I was doing…as the water flowed away

and I wondered if it was the music of the stream that first enticed people to play.


Now when I look for inspiration…I remember where I was…

when I was out there walking…


for that’s what nature does.

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