He loves her beauty, her intelligence, 

he loves her kindness too

but he also loves her innocence…

the child she never outgrew.


The child who gives her life its unique perspective

her wonderfully innocent point of view.

The child who, no matter how old she gets,

makes everything seems new.


The child who, the other day, 

stopped right in front of him.

to watch with all her concentration…

a leaf fall from a limb.


The child who sighed as it cascaded down

who watched until its tumble was complete.

The child whose smile lit up her face

as it landed softly at her feet.


The child who grinned when he said to her

“I don’t know why you’re so enthralled.

In all the years we’ve been together

you’ve seen an abundance of leaves fall”.


“Yes, I’ve seen a lot of leaves fall

in this wonderful life we’ve led.”

Then reaching down she gently picked it up,

“But not this one!” she said.


And once again he felt blessed to be in love

with someone who’s every moment is brand new

and to share in all those moments

with the child she never outgrew.

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Have you ever wanted to recapture the child you use to be?

Who would ride a bike out in the rain?

or climb the highest tree?


The child who believed in the magic of Santa Claus

Who never wondered why when you looked up on a moonless night

you saw starfish in the sky.


The child who discovered castles in the clouds,

who for no reason would start to sing,

who was able to find beauty in the tiniest of things?


Who….could sit for hours…upon hours

watching a butterfly

or a bee?

Whose world was one of love

and kindness

and generosity?


Have you ever thought

in a world that’s filled with hatred

with wars

and bigotry

that perhaps now is the time to recapture 


that child we use to be.

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You have to love the reasoning of a child.

You have to stand in awe…

You have to love it

Oftentimes I think that, as adults…

we could use a little more of it…


Their son saw magic everywhere

In ever cranny 

and every nook

When they asked how he sees so much magic

He smiled…


because I know where to look.

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Butterfly flies away

  Butterfly as a whisper comes around 

for a little child happiness is found, 
he sees a colorful art of life. 
She stays near the child 
not afraid of being burnt 
by the desire. 
Is it a candle or a child? 
Secondly, she will be burned. 
Firstly, she will be admired. 
She makes him feel the magic 
and then she wants to fly away. 
A child can't wait 
that hours become days 
and butterfly returns again. 
He will love only for today! 
Once she will fly away, 
the beauty in his eyes will be lost. 
Soon he will learn that 
beautiful creatures can't be admired 
when they stay under chains.

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