anti bullying

Oh the Irony

The boy lays on the ground while the second stands over him

The first boy cries while the second laughs

The second boy is hurt

But is not crying

For his tears have dried up

The second boy is on the ground

The man standing over him

Belt in hand

Oh the irony

The first boy sits down

His friends crowd around

Concussion is found

Hit by a locker

And now is at the doctor

The first boy goes home

To a poor family

To a small house

To an unhappy life

To depression

To anger

To suicide

The first boy screams

But no one deems

It important

No matter how absorbent

The physical bandage

Can be banded

The second boy stays still

Clothes off

Bloody and beaten

Assessing his wounds

Just to go back

And beat the first boy some more

Oh the irony

The anger the first boy feels

All of those deals

Only to be let down

And told he was a clown

The first boy is sad

The crying never stops

While the second boy laughs

But hides the scars

Under his hoodie

While the first boy doesn’t

Oh the irony

The second boy runs

From what feels like a thousand guns

But in reality

In actuality

There is only one

And it isn’t a gun

The first boy’s life is over

He gave up

But his story will never be forgotten

Because in the sea of many

He wasn’t the only one

Bullying is wrong

But you must be strong

For behind every bully

There is trully


A troubled past

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a school project, and it ended up turning into so much more! So don't be too harsh haha!

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stand up

There's a kid in the corner

and he's eating alone.

You don't stop to say hey

he stays an unknown


The girl down the street

that gets teased everyday.

Your too fat, your too ugly

the bullies think its ok.


The "Nerd" in your class

thrown up against the wall

his 4th pair of glasses

shatter and fall.


You wanna stand up

you wanna be strong

but then they'll pick on you

you just wanna belong.


But what if standing up

is all someones needing

to change their future

to stop all the bleeding.


You say hello to the boy

who no longer eats alone

you learn his name

he's no longer an unknown


As friends you grow older

then as tragedy hits

he gives you a kidney

when yours fails and quits


That girl down the street

you go by one day

just to say "your beautiful"

then go on your way


Ten yrs later your married

to that beautiful bride

that girl once broken

is now filled with pride


The "nerd" in the hall

you help him to stand

he was near giving up

he had it all planned


now you've grown older

a pain in your chest

the Dr. he saves you

they say he's the best


That "nerd" giving up

found strength after all

you picked him up

when he was near his last fall


So remember to stand

when someone seems alone

because it might change their life

and even YOUR OWN!!!






They call her fat
She has a health condition
They call her a whore
She got raped
They call him ugly 
He has a skin disease
They call her a freak
She wants to die
They call him an jerk
His dad beats him after school
They taunt her like she can't feel
She cuts herself every night 
They go to school
Ignore the things people say
They go home
Wishing it would all just end
If you were wondering 
They all committed suicide 

Moral of poem 

If you pick on someone think about this what you say has an effect on the people you say it to.     

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes i know this is not much of a poem but I wrote in the spirit of anti bullying.

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The hand that helps

What is a weapon that can't be seen or held but cuts deep?...
It's words.
Words we speak can not be seen...
But they can still be heard and held, they can go deeper then any physical harm...
They hurt more...
Don't laugh at the words that verbal abuse hurts the heart more then anything else,more then any knife or physical weapon.
Words twist and tear, they worm their way in.
Your mind will be poisoned and even your soul will hurt, will feel tainted.
You can forget a slap or a punch...
But you can't forget what was said in anger and cruelty, that buried itself deep and settles in, unwilling to ease, not wanting to leave.
So think before you speak.
Remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.
Don't be a bully.
Be the voice that helps and guides not voice that hurts and devides.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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