The hand that helps

What is a weapon that can't be seen or held but cuts deep?...
It's words.
Words we speak can not be seen...
But they can still be heard and held, they can go deeper then any physical harm...
They hurt more...
Don't laugh at the words that verbal abuse hurts the heart more then anything else,more then any knife or physical weapon.
Words twist and tear, they worm their way in.
Your mind will be poisoned and even your soul will hurt, will feel tainted.
You can forget a slap or a punch...
But you can't forget what was said in anger and cruelty, that buried itself deep and settles in, unwilling to ease, not wanting to leave.
So think before you speak.
Remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.
Don't be a bully.
Be the voice that helps and guides not voice that hurts and devides.

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Wonderful poem.

Wonderful poem.