stand up

There's a kid in the corner

and he's eating alone.

You don't stop to say hey

he stays an unknown


The girl down the street

that gets teased everyday.

Your too fat, your too ugly

the bullies think its ok.


The "Nerd" in your class

thrown up against the wall

his 4th pair of glasses

shatter and fall.


You wanna stand up

you wanna be strong

but then they'll pick on you

you just wanna belong.


But what if standing up

is all someones needing

to change their future

to stop all the bleeding.


You say hello to the boy

who no longer eats alone

you learn his name

he's no longer an unknown


As friends you grow older

then as tragedy hits

he gives you a kidney

when yours fails and quits


That girl down the street

you go by one day

just to say "your beautiful"

then go on your way


Ten yrs later your married

to that beautiful bride

that girl once broken

is now filled with pride


The "nerd" in the hall

you help him to stand

he was near giving up

he had it all planned


now you've grown older

a pain in your chest

the Dr. he saves you

they say he's the best


That "nerd" giving up

found strength after all

you picked him up

when he was near his last fall


So remember to stand

when someone seems alone

because it might change their life

and even YOUR OWN!!!




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Very nice life lesson. This

Very nice life lesson. This may change other's lives for the better.  Why not!!