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When my internal levees are brought to pieces

Unable to withstand the rumbling waters

surging through the veins of my day

When the soundness in my stance fatigues

and forges my noticeable sway

When bedlam stifles the good order of my realm

and seems to have its way


I breathe


If my methodical and steady

should wake my haste and unease

And in moments of unready

when my spiritual branches are left barren by fallen leaves

When I’ve not the energy to rise 

When the rains from my excessively drained eyes

meet the caps of my dampened knees

When the severity within my space

should breed my blood curdling screams

When these are not my dreams


I breathe

I just breathe


When all I see

The lack of restrain from mouths of the faceless

When all I can be

Exhausted by the velocity of debilitating words

and the strain it places

And all they demand of me

When all is not free

And the charge of my unfair share

of which I receive

My hollowed out stare

From all the weight I must bare





Just breathe


Of Him

An apprentice and less a disciple of trend

My onus to be light

despite a beacon for sin




For everyday that I wake

to endure this all again







Just breathe






Copyright © 2014 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved






Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes you just have to take a step back, gather yourself and breathe. Slow deep breaths

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I have Learnt How to Live without Tears

Life has left its mark,

As did to Hans Castorp,

Of The Magic Mountain,

Both enlightened and dark.


The days have translated me,

Made me a bit wise perhaps,

Since know I now,

How to breathe defeating the sea.


I have none to blame against,

If I point one finger, won’t I be pointed by the rest!   

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Truthfully speaking

the tempature mighty, this eagles wiings drives the current which ever way. What ever i was now resembles a puddle of mud. It seems i ment for walking, but walk with caution. This splash goes down quite a ways. come to find its hard to get out, when you fit so well. youll begin to see the world fits, and you in your proper place, just like the rest of us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7 alright

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The Trio

The way, the truth, the life

Its words that i dont question

But you cant have the trio

Without having the confession



For every sin that you allow

To grab at your heart

It gives ground to the enemy

To let destruction start



He tries to take away happiness

And replace it all with pain

But theres one place he cant get

So he attacks at the brain



Because with God in your heart

The Devil will never win

He can knock all he wants

But he will never get in



I read it now in Hebrew

Where God will never leave me

Even inside a whale

He didnt leave Jonah, Did he?



We put too much faith

Into the work of man

When they say I CANT

God says I CAN



Through our failures and mistakes

Man will try to condemn you

But Jesus outstreched his hands

And said this is what ill do



With nails through his hands

He hung on that tree

Took away all those failures

He did it for me



Now walking through this earth

We have many other alleys

But if we trust in God

He will bring us through the valleys



Our Holy Father is waiting

Sitting there with his Son

Saying dont worry about the Devil

The battles already done!!!


by:  Blake Markle

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stand up

There's a kid in the corner

and he's eating alone.

You don't stop to say hey

he stays an unknown


The girl down the street

that gets teased everyday.

Your too fat, your too ugly

the bullies think its ok.


The "Nerd" in your class

thrown up against the wall

his 4th pair of glasses

shatter and fall.


You wanna stand up

you wanna be strong

but then they'll pick on you

you just wanna belong.


But what if standing up

is all someones needing

to change their future

to stop all the bleeding.


You say hello to the boy

who no longer eats alone

you learn his name

he's no longer an unknown


As friends you grow older

then as tragedy hits

he gives you a kidney

when yours fails and quits


That girl down the street

you go by one day

just to say "your beautiful"

then go on your way


Ten yrs later your married

to that beautiful bride

that girl once broken

is now filled with pride


The "nerd" in the hall

you help him to stand

he was near giving up

he had it all planned


now you've grown older

a pain in your chest

the Dr. he saves you

they say he's the best


That "nerd" giving up

found strength after all

you picked him up

when he was near his last fall


So remember to stand

when someone seems alone

because it might change their life

and even YOUR OWN!!!




Feats of Courage.




Feats of courage and the heroic death

For the cause country or the desert zones

Peeping voices low under old stony buildings

In wake of the retreating armies of the Rhone.


On the hill an impregnable fortress

On the ground a mound of hay and mud

The battering of bats against the windows

In ruins destroyed by the war of mammon.


Give us a change of seasons

A little pause of breath after the sunrise

Two and two along bundled hay stacks

An undamaged barn along the ground.


Looking across the high window there is

A landscape stretching across the fields

But the internal bonds of prison keep tying

The gaze inwards towards the shields

Facing the demigods of death and destruction

Muzzled up rifles wolf dogs punitive camps

In the verse a demolition a smouldering ash

To counteract the poisons of the times.

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