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Into Your Arms

Babe, let me run into your arms (Our hugs are our safe haven) 
They reassure me that everything's going to be alright 
Please don't let me go (don't let me go) 
Our love soaring to such great heights (soaring to such great heights)

Sparing to such great heights, I love you! 
Look inside the mirror (Tell me how you feel) 
Babe, free yourself, you're stronger than this 
Cheer up and run into my arms (run into my arms) 

On the beach, I proclaim our love in the sand. 
The waves crashing unto me wash it away 
I left you a voicemail yet got no reply. 
Babe, tell me your feelings on my love for you 

What keeps you alive and running? (alive and running) 
Just give me a reason to love you (give me a reason to love you) 

Melt my soul and spirit (melt my soul and spirit) 
For, you've already captured my heart and my love (my heart and my love)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014. 

Dean Martin

Dean Martin where are you at

You should really be my companion

Remember when your lap is where I last sat

I could be your champion

I could wear your favorite gold dress

The one that you sent to my address

The one that made you say yes


You said "Who needs James Dean if you have me"

I said "Dean you are the only person I need"

You said "Believe me, you are my cup of tea"

I said "Dean let's crank up the speed"

Because you look dapper than ever

Your satin suit makes you look so clever

You can be my beau forever


Let's go on a trip to Hollywood

We can take your beat up mint Thunderbird

Who says we'll be good

Our behavior could be very absurd

Let's have fun

Let's bathe in the watery sun

Let's go on a run when it's all said and done


I found you Dean Martin

Your back is agaisnt the cream colored wall

You chuck your cigarette in the trash bin

You say "Let's go to Binion' Gambling Hall"

I say "Dean you're perfect for me"

You say "After this we can go bathe in the Miami breeze"

I say "As long as you sing That's Amore to me before we flee"


Loving at such a young age

Love Poems

It would be nice to know

that love isn't silly.

It would be nice to show

it when you feel that way.

So maybe I wouldn't look so dumb

when I tell what I'm thinking.

I look at you and bite my thumb

because I can't let those words slip from my mouth.

They will tumble down like an avalanche

ruing this friendship we have.

So I will snap them like a tree branch

and keep my thoughts to myself.

If I admitted I loved you,

I'd be told I'm too young to understand that.

But I know I do,

for love is something only the one feeling

would be able to tell.


I'm A Writer

I'm a writer
i write the truth
if you knew me
you would know the story
because I live every moment
of my life for something to write
and I guess that's what makes me poet...
what's the game of life all about
i once heard somebody say
once you're in, you're in, you can't get out
it's on you how you gonna play
it's up to you to choose
roll the dice win or lose
it's the chances that you take
the decisions that you make
go all in or play it safe
put on the brake or finish the race
so what if you if you make a mistake
Just keep chasing your dreams
because that's the game of life
you can't give up
you gotta keep believing in order to succeed
I'm a writer
i write the truth
if you knew me
you would know the story
because I live every moment
of my life for something to write
and I guess that's what makes me poet...
Do you believe all things happen for a reason?
I mean us meeting
you know the way that it happened
I don't know
maybe it's just me or maybe I'm just crazy
but you see to me it was beautiful
something more than I could have imagined

I'm a writer
i write the truth
if you knew me
you would know the story
because I live every moment
of my life for something to write
and I guess that's what makes me poet...

Constellation Destiny (song lyrics / acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics
captured by your gravity 
hostage of your eyes 
constellation destinies
programmed to collide 
your beauty knows no season
no distances 
or time 
flowers bloom in envy 
and sunsets sing 
your smile
you cant escape
 when fate is chasin
rolling the dice
 a chance worth takin
tell me what i need to know now    
tell me 
i   cant hide
its our constellation destinies 
to collide

Broken Object of Desire

You are her World Now she says

Where is your sense of pride she whispers

I am proud of the fact that I'm loved 

But not being her object of desire

poison worse than any curse 

Is a man made, a woman's only true desire

For I am now her illusion, her fantasy 

A thing only bringing me gain

But without it only pain would remain




Life Of Janet

A girl named Janet she was basically stranded on this lonesome planet.
Never knew her parents she was abandoned.
Can you imagine being dumped aside by the ones who gave you life.
So of course she is frightened to even trust anyone.
Any abused woman in this world knows where she's coming from.
Then a man came along and told her lies to cast his illusions of a good guy.
The man said "I can rescue from your life of hurt"
Then Janet was thinking in her head "Hmm maybe I could make this work"
So the two started dating oh forgot to mention the guy name is Jason.
Our girl Janet she's feeling so amazing that her terror is over.
Felt safe wrapped in the arms of her brand new soldier.
She never had a man to hold her closer.
Never had a guy to protect her from the vultures.
Weeks later Janet road of happiness was getting rocky.
All of Janet's coworkers noticing the lashings on her body.
She kept silence about Jason getting really violent.
She told no body about it Janet didn't know how Jason would react if she tries it.
Two hours later Janet comes home late from work and Jason sitting on the porch.
Jason asked "Whore where have you been?"
Janet replied "I was working late with friend jasmine"
But look the in Jason face he didn't believe her.
He jumped down from the porch and commence to beating her.
Janet screaming as loud as she can.
She never knew that Jason would get this way out of hand.
This wasn't apart of Janet's plans getting beat senseless by her boyfriend.
Then headlights comes over the horizon.
What a surprise to see Chief Officer Lee.
Lee saw the abuse jumped out of his car and screamed "Police".
Then Jason looks up with an evil face then puts a gun to Janet's head and Jason said "If you don't get away Janet might die today"
Lee continued to reason with the derang Jason.
But Jason started shooting his gun thank lord he didn't hit anyone.
Lee took cover and when he heard Jason gun ran out.
Lee bolted up and tackle Jason to the ground.
Janet ran behind the cop car for safety and she said "Thanks Officer Lee for saving me"
Lee replied back "Ms. you welcome but next time watch out for these type of guys"
"I know" Janet replied Jason going on a ride to the big house.
Ladies listen now love is like a horse ride if it's getting bumpy time to dismount.
Never stay around to be beating by a clown of a man.
Speak up and tell a friend or this will never end.
And let me fill you in on our old friend.
Janet is reaching heights in life you wouldn't imagine.
She found her passion she's a big time photographer.
Wow I'm so proud of her hope she continues to grow while it's her time on earth.
And Jason please we don't have to worry about that jerk.
It's all about our girl Janet you go girl!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when the idea came to my mind. Here you go enjoy!


Through the cracks

Its a rollercoaster this life

with all the love lost,

labors won. Happy times

until the love lost returns.

Driving me mad from trolls

to "lols", followed by "I got to go".

Only being led to believing 

you got a chance, 


is over 9000!

That's until you get the picture,

right up in your face, 

but one time isn't enough, so it just keeps

going, it’s on a loop.

But don't worry this whole thing is a loop

you’re going to relapse, 

again a moment will come that will give you hope,

could be a look, could be a smile,

or maybe just another thing in her eye.

Yet unfortunately, it’s that first time

that moment happened,

That started this ride.