Life Of Janet

A girl named Janet she was basically stranded on this lonesome planet.
Never knew her parents she was abandoned.
Can you imagine being dumped aside by the ones who gave you life.
So of course she is frightened to even trust anyone.
Any abused woman in this world knows where she's coming from.
Then a man came along and told her lies to cast his illusions of a good guy.
The man said "I can rescue from your life of hurt"
Then Janet was thinking in her head "Hmm maybe I could make this work"
So the two started dating oh forgot to mention the guy name is Jason.
Our girl Janet she's feeling so amazing that her terror is over.
Felt safe wrapped in the arms of her brand new soldier.
She never had a man to hold her closer.
Never had a guy to protect her from the vultures.
Weeks later Janet road of happiness was getting rocky.
All of Janet's coworkers noticing the lashings on her body.
She kept silence about Jason getting really violent.
She told no body about it Janet didn't know how Jason would react if she tries it.
Two hours later Janet comes home late from work and Jason sitting on the porch.
Jason asked "Whore where have you been?"
Janet replied "I was working late with friend jasmine"
But look the in Jason face he didn't believe her.
He jumped down from the porch and commence to beating her.
Janet screaming as loud as she can.
She never knew that Jason would get this way out of hand.
This wasn't apart of Janet's plans getting beat senseless by her boyfriend.
Then headlights comes over the horizon.
What a surprise to see Chief Officer Lee.
Lee saw the abuse jumped out of his car and screamed "Police".
Then Jason looks up with an evil face then puts a gun to Janet's head and Jason said "If you don't get away Janet might die today"
Lee continued to reason with the derang Jason.
But Jason started shooting his gun thank lord he didn't hit anyone.
Lee took cover and when he heard Jason gun ran out.
Lee bolted up and tackle Jason to the ground.
Janet ran behind the cop car for safety and she said "Thanks Officer Lee for saving me"
Lee replied back "Ms. you welcome but next time watch out for these type of guys"
"I know" Janet replied Jason going on a ride to the big house.
Ladies listen now love is like a horse ride if it's getting bumpy time to dismount.
Never stay around to be beating by a clown of a man.
Speak up and tell a friend or this will never end.
And let me fill you in on our old friend.
Janet is reaching heights in life you wouldn't imagine.
She found her passion she's a big time photographer.
Wow I'm so proud of her hope she continues to grow while it's her time on earth.
And Jason please we don't have to worry about that jerk.
It's all about our girl Janet you go girl!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when the idea came to my mind. Here you go enjoy!