Driven snow, pure and untouched

Sprinkled on the grass

The headlights of the distant cars

Cast soft lights as they pass

How beautiful the whiteness is!

How innocent it seems!

For cruel reality has not appeared

To rip apart her dreams


Only fate would be so wicked

As to touch the spotless snow

 Only fate would ever dare

To taint the virgin’s glow

Then life paints a crimson stain

That blots the sheet of white

A coat of shame, a blanket of pain

Lies hidden by the night

Tarnished, it is beautiful no longer

 It is admired no more

And so I bow my head and weep

For the loss of something pure

A Virgin No More

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A Virgin No More

She sat there watching boys and men
Walk by without saying anything
She wanted one to say "hi" to her
To break the ice and come on over
And maybe, just maybe he'll be able to help her

You see, she's a virgin and she doesn't want to be
She wants to get a guy alone
Who'll take care of that for her
She perks up a bit as a guy walks over
"Hello sweetheart, how are you tonight"?

"I'm fine, just a little shy," she says
"Oh, a pretty, young thing like you shouldn't be shy
Come on baby, look me in the eye"

She sheepishly looks up at him
And he smiles back at her

"What's your name, honey?
And do you mind if I sit here"?

"My name's Melissa and yes you may sit
I actually have something to ask you
After we talk a bit"

So she makes small talk, eventually telling him
That she's a virgin
And how there's a fire deep within her
That won't stop burning
And did he think he could put out her flames?

"Oh, yes I can baby, I'll do that for you everyday"

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