Self - Realization

Life Lessons

It's a brand new day,
and I feel good.
I won't back down
not now, not ever.
The time has come for me to rise above,
To walk out of the darkness.
Having found MY light MYself,
MY purposem MY goal.
I may fall down, get knocked down or out.
Either way, I guarantee you I will bounce back, Stronger.

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Paint my lips

Lipstick fetish,no form of clothing or accessories,not even a necklace
nothing else on, but my lips the color of red rum
Ha! I bet reading those two lines make you want to get some
Other days I like to wear my lips the color of plum,
or maybe even gold, shimmery as the sun
on days without my lipstick, there's usually no fun
They make my lips fuller, they make my lips pop out
no eye make up needed, my lipstick is all I need without a doubt
Everywhere that I go, any store, I have to grab a new stick
a new shade, and as soon as I get home, my lips I go to paint
Lipstick fetish indeed, but my lips are my mural, always complementing me.

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I feel alike to hosts of boils,
fevers and an alkaline rash.
A viscous scrub with bristle brush
can't rid me of this filthy sway.
A scream unclean as I draw nearer
to the town and county squares and posts;
fled away from, maybe spat on,
and left so wary of heels-a-patter.
I'll shield myself beneath the cover
of many hoods all different colors,
and hope that none may catch a glimpse
of me beneath in a festering cloud.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Boo hoo woe is me blah blah.

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