No Half-Stepping

To be the beSt me I can be

That's what I strive for

Though there's 7 days in a week...

365 in a year...

I can not be divided into sections

Nor broken into pieces

I'm either for you, or against you

There, or I'm gone

No half stepping in my game...

Like food that should be served hot

I'm neither fulfilled, nor am I filling.

Makes it hard for some...

Those who think I should be grateful with what

     they want me to have...

But then why tell me I can have anything I want??

So many now going through life unfulfilled

Not because they couldn't obtain the promise

But because they didn't think they deserved it...

Or that it woud ever come...

No, No half stepping in my game...

I am what I allow myself to be...

Not a footstool

Nor a step along the way

I am ME...

Designed for a purpose

Given to be cherished

A statement of self-awareness

A reminder that there should be


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Gravity Push

On a road so paved with worry

We see small men who choose to hurry

Detaching from the vows alike

Parting with their stable minds

And on their part we feel some pity

As if they cannot choose

To blend with streets and bustle on

To break upon the face of dawn

Told to reach or to aspire

Risen ranks with meat for hire

And granting wishes for and from

Those beyond beneath the thumb

But I say nay and scramble up

Stand upon the piled luck

For I will speak and soon be taken!

As not a child who is mistaken

If I think it, waves will rise

Space will rocket down the sky!

Gravity will breathe through me

And I will be triumphantly!

The world by then growing weary

Of stars that try to gather light

Eventual blink, trying to sink

As I try to become complete

And I float, above the blue

That's burning black and bubbling

As I've kept myself awake so long

I'm feeling like a vague response

Placed between the dirt and moon

I'm pulled like a man asunder

But a boy standing, tired eyes demanding

I feel a set of doze commanding

So I descend to snooze a bit

Not to those, I shan't retire

Simply napping, Z dispatching

I will return for a word worth catching

Yet until, the hero rests

A kid who's yet to fight against

With all potential so not unsteady

He'll ascend when he's good and ready.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

He's a champion.

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Dissonant Mindset


Im not fit for this world and its sanity

All thats left is only vanity

Corrupting me

Forsaken me

Refusing to fall to that level

Burning brighter than i ever had before

Forgetting everything becoming even more

Breaking boundaries

No longer drowning

Refusing to burn in this hell


I will light the way, for my brothers to find

Give everyone serene peace of mind

Uncloud the hate

That is not my fate

Honor wont suffocate

No one knows whats truly going on

Faith humans, havent had in so long

Burn it all


Must be truth somewhere

Never follow anyone elses path

Find serenity never succomd to wrath

Blasphemous ways

The end of days

All this time I had to pay


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It's Hard To Fly

It's hard to fly

when your wings are tied

by the thing they call life

It's hard to fly

when you got nothing

no matter how hard you try

It's hard to fly

when you can't know

or even understand why

It's hard to fly

when you're afraid

of even being so high

It's hard to fly

trying to be something

when you've lived a lie

It's hard to fly

when you can't really trust

and cut off every tie

It hurts to fly

because I don't even know

Whats up there in the sky

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-->MY SiDe


ThEy LeFT HiM PaiL liKe A RuStEd NaiL

NoT BeiNg AbLe To Be sTaBlE

He LoOkED FoR A ChAnCe To eNhAnSe HiS LiFe

WiTh  PlEnTy Of HaNdS HaNDiNg HiM ThE PoiSeN ThAt LeD To HiS ErOtiOn

iM GuNNa PrEtEnD ThAt HiS SpiRiT iS ThE LyRiC To My SOuL ThE uNkNoWn GiViNg iT A ToNe WiTh a ChiLlEn BoNe dEaTh cAmE aNd ToOk HiM To ThE UnKnOwN ByE BYE BrOtHeR iLl SaY ByE To MoTHEr....)'=

Author's Notes/Comments: 

4-15-10 i WrOtE ThIs PoEm iN HoNoR Of MY BrOTHER R.I.P<3

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Free To The Floor

Free to the Floor

He lies in a state of paralysis, where nothing moves

his eyes stay fixed on the floor, wanting more

two wheels attached to steel gets him around

pushed by an angel in white during the day

until she flys away leaving him in his dark domain

drifting away in the dark until the sun touches his face

Then he awakes, thinking hoplessly of another flightless day

where he sits and waits looking at  the clock, like

a cat watches a bird from a window, helpless, but yet still

hopeful.  The clocks hands begin to twist and bend,

creating a vision, go , move around, be free

like a thunderbolt in the sky, a surge of  energy surrounds him

he lifts up both hands and feels vibrations within his feet

words cannot express, or repress the joy he feels

one leg on the floor, it sets him free, running towards

the horizon, nothing will ever stop him now

free of this disease, free of the pain, free of everything

then as he looks towards the sky, the clouds move out of the way

and words, like fire are scorched into his sight and into his mind

wake up, it's time, they say. So he does.  Back in the darkness all alone.

The white angel walks in, she puts him in his two wheels of steel

she said, "I hope you know, that how you feels is what is real, now be free"

He lies in a state of paralysis where everything moves.

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smileing for you

im smileing like theres nothing wrong with me im holding back my tears like theres nothing wrong with me at all but in side is a scared little girl but still im smileing like im fine your smileing back at me and im wondering if your hiding something as well im scared of falling in love with you becaus im scared of geting heart ive been heart so much but i know you ant like those othr guys i know you wont put your hands on me you might scream at me if you get mad at me but im hideing all of that in side so you cant see that im just a scared little girl in side you are an awsome gye but i have alot im holdig back becaus i am a scard little girl in side but thats something we are going to hafe to work on making me where im not a scare little girls even though im almost 17 im still scard in side but were going to hafe to brack down that wall and i think we will....

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70 TIMES 7

Unto what shall I liken my struggeled walk in life

Unto a breath without air

Gasping and grasping

For that which I can clearly see

And ever try to be

But like unto the shining stars

Of heaven’s glory above

They lie as would seem

High above my reach

Yet my hands are stretched heavenward

Unto what shall I compare the hope which I have for change

To the light of sun above the storm

Breaking through betimes

With the brilliance of gleam

And a glimpse of the dream

But even as the delicate flower

Of the desert plain

It withers and returns to the ground  

Hidden once again from view

Yet my faith awaits the rains of spring

And what likeness portrays my will to go on

The waves of the wind driven sea

Ever striving to come ashore

Yet each time falling back

For gravity they lack

But like the shimmering beauty

Of the freshly fallen snow

Though it turns to grey and melts away

Yet is destined to come again

So also am I resolved to return in the season

And never surrender

Until seventy times seven

…Jeff Bresee

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His Beautiful Eyes


(Armistice Sonnet)2005

He sees a way more beautiful than moonlight.

Bright, but not as daylight.   Airman, lost at sea.

We must remember him, what he was and is:

fearless in the face of Fate. Purest courage.

Knowing  Right must conquer—not just break even.

Unblinking gaze on us, his brave eyes still shine,

comforting focus warms with joys from heaven.

Our calm, the quiet, soft smile of his image.

Tears in silence drop to brimming, salty seas.

Our life grows old. Worn, unraveled sleeves hang free.

Our salute, "Present Arms!"--- tears from the sunlight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A sonnet, but an "Armistice Sonnet.":  On Armistice Day numbers 11 - 11 - 11
to honor those who die for peace

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