You Created Shadow

When we first fell in love
That's what started to break us
Trying to get our own way
Was starting to separate us
I gave up numerous opportunities
So we could be together
I gave up my last little bit of money
So, i can see you happy
I walked through blizzards
Just to come kiss you
When you lied bout things
I acted like I ain't know
Then you started to ignore me
So, I felt like you were abandoning me
You called me names
And all that really did hurt me
I never did anything behind your back
And I always kept you number one
I started noticing your attitude getting worse
And saw a shadow getting close
I realized I wasn't myself anymore
And you wasn't who you were, anymore
Everything you put me through
Was built up in that shadow
And when i broke up with you
It was an accident
And you know I ain't mean it
Because, of that I became that shadow
Now im always grumpy
And very clever in my own ways
And up to this day I remember it all
Because you left me in the dark
And you knew I would never hurt you
So, I carry that pain everywhere
Yes, you created that shadow
Now, my name is Shadow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I saw everything she put me through piling up in a shadow and i saw it all fall apart before i could prevent it from happening, and when it happened it was to late

Where Are You Going?

An exit made so hectic
Leaving scattered flames behind
But where is it you're going?
Would you hate me if I followed?

My dear, I am so stationary
Like a mantis filled with doubt
But it hurts to see your beauty
On its end of your departure

Where is it you're heading to?
Is there room there for another?
Empty mind of your conclusion
And welcome me as company

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a nice song.

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Eons ago

Shattered round me,
Falling to the ground,

Ones presence

Separated,went in
different directions
Unlikely to ever meet

Always seeking,
Never finding,

Like a tight rope,
Ever binding.

(c) copyright heather burns 2010

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