You Created Shadow

When we first fell in love
That's what started to break us
Trying to get our own way
Was starting to separate us
I gave up numerous opportunities
So we could be together
I gave up my last little bit of money
So, i can see you happy
I walked through blizzards
Just to come kiss you
When you lied bout things
I acted like I ain't know
Then you started to ignore me
So, I felt like you were abandoning me
You called me names
And all that really did hurt me
I never did anything behind your back
And I always kept you number one
I started noticing your attitude getting worse
And saw a shadow getting close
I realized I wasn't myself anymore
And you wasn't who you were, anymore
Everything you put me through
Was built up in that shadow
And when i broke up with you
It was an accident
And you know I ain't mean it
Because, of that I became that shadow
Now im always grumpy
And very clever in my own ways
And up to this day I remember it all
Because you left me in the dark
And you knew I would never hurt you
So, I carry that pain everywhere
Yes, you created that shadow
Now, my name is Shadow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I saw everything she put me through piling up in a shadow and i saw it all fall apart before i could prevent it from happening, and when it happened it was to late

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From the darkness of your pain, you shine with brilliance!