Anatomy of Love

Eros has rattled my bones waxing your spirit
through snakeskin I travelled rotating moons entering state of beloved
Sharing enticed journey through eyelids closed
Venusian fossiles lived between the space of a heartbeat
Loins of Lotus opened in waning silence
Perhaps, never will we breathe deeper than this
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Like forgiveness long delayed --

It was your thirst that awakened my essential need. 

Without permission, you parted my lips --

Your kiss converting my intended words to mist. 

With the first taste of delicious dread, I returned to nothing and everything. 

And a concrete heart reverted at once to malleable terracotta earth –

Reincarnating to its true nature within your embrace.


You -- hot and tranquil like smouldering wood.

At your unspoken request, the enlivened me arched in reply.

The instinctual desire to be set free to immerse in your blaze.


Hands and lips –flesh and breath –

Curves and twists and angles and inclines.

In a trance – in a frenzy –

Conceding to a native, visceral bliss. 


An acknowledged brief ecstasy …

Alive and breathing, it starves for air when forced or kept. 

Oh … just for a little while … set me free …

To ignite.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have written poetry on and off my entire life, but I've never shared anything before now.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thank you!

I think I want some mo'

If I’d never had you before
I wouldn’t know what I was missing.
But, I have...
And nothing,
I mean nothing,
is the same.
Your hand,
possessing the finger
that promises so much
with a simple stroke
down the middle of my spine
landing at the small curve of my back.
As I arch and moan,
you smile.
Knowing I would react this way,
because history repeats itself
and you and I have a history
that willingly repeats over,
and over, and over again.
Never getting enough
Never getting old
Never tiring of each other
The ebb and flow
Sometimes fast, most times slow
Rising and falling like the ocean
Storms building
with every new motion
Culminating in a Category 5
Breathing, heaving, panting
until the storm subsides
and all is quiet again.
And your hand, possessing that one finger
that started it all,
is securely wrapped around my body
as I lay sleeping.

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Enveloped in your embrace
while strong hands tenderly caress
the curves of my body

Soft, succulent sweep of your lips over mine
carrying me to where I long to be

As your arms slip behind ever so slightly
lifting my shoulders to press breasts to chest
I gracefully arch
offering you sultry sensuality

Deliberate lush brushes against the red swirl of my throne
arouse the Goddess Serpent of eternity

She rises slowly from the earth

Lifting her head
swaying rhythumicly
revealing her inner sanctum
to her God Serpent's , intoxicating song

Her God Serpent slithers back along his Goddess
entwining around her as
they begin the dance of one

Slow blazefull passion
ignites to a silky intensity
unlocking places of unbounding heights
essence of you essence of me
whispered desires in the night

Dare to let go
reveal your fantasies
surrender them to me

Goddess Serpent

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SC special moment

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"Her Gentle Voice"

by Jeph Johnson


how comforting the sounds
her gentle voice whispers

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