Enveloped in your embrace
while strong hands tenderly caress
the curves of my body

Soft, succulent sweep of your lips over mine
carrying me to where I long to be

As your arms slip behind ever so slightly
lifting my shoulders to press breasts to chest
I gracefully arch
offering you sultry sensuality

Deliberate lush brushes against the red swirl of my throne
arouse the Goddess Serpent of eternity

She rises slowly from the earth

Lifting her head
swaying rhythumicly
revealing her inner sanctum
to her God Serpent's , intoxicating song

Her God Serpent slithers back along his Goddess
entwining around her as
they begin the dance of one

Slow blazefull passion
ignites to a silky intensity
unlocking places of unbounding heights
essence of you essence of me
whispered desires in the night

Dare to let go
reveal your fantasies
surrender them to me

Goddess Serpent

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SC special moment

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The Gift Owner


Within her are so many gifts

She can take away your pain

Make it all go away and with a touch

Have the devil within slain


She can give you happiness

A joy unlike any other in the world

You believe you can do anything

The highest mountains hurled


She can heal you with a touch

One so tender, caring, and warm

Take away all that ails you

And mend the heart that was torn


She can give you anything you desire

Whatever your heart calls for is yours

She reaches deep within your soul

And softens the hardest cores


Once you met her you won’t be the same

You’ll change but always for the better

Everyone shall see it but even yourself

And you will tell everyone it was because you met her



Written on

January 28, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was another poem about me.

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