sad love


love and

unwilling to ask

for he will answer 

thus exposing her

plastered mask 

or create his own. 



The pain won't go 

and lonely may show 

but thats the Cost 

to hide the weak streak. 


Oh, to just swallow 

the doubt and ask 

am I enough 

with a hope so bleak


shes afraid to know 

where his energy goes

so she just swallows 

the worry and eats,  

tasting her fear, like 

hopeless defeat. 


*she can't just ask, for then hed know she cares. So much. more than him. Much better to eat and cry and pretend not to care, for she's always fearing pain of rejection. So, it's easier to avoid the question than accept the answer. Assuming he will lie, she rejects his answer, never asking. Why complicate thoughts with reality ? Just talk to yourself until he feels rejected by you and simply eat and cry and pretend it's all on him. Damn, I wish I were a man, simple and direct. 

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I know I must have loved you

But I can't remember why

We shared alot of years together

But I can't remember why

What makes love go from good to bad

We once were happy now we're sad

We once vowed to love forever

How did things go so wrong 

I couldn't stay I had to go 

So in the Spring I packed my things

But I can't remember why


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That boy.
He sleeps over
more than I had planned.
He makes me tea
in his boots
& grey hat.

I lay in my bed,
silently watching
through the crack
in the door.
He looks like a statue.
A god.
With his broad shoulders
and messy hair.

He wants me to be happy.
I know by how perfect
my tea tastes.

I guess he didn't hear the stories.
The ones about the girl you could
never keep smiling.
Who loved her misery
more than her lover.
The girl that will
scream & cry 
until she breaks him.
& then discreetly disappear
through the back door.

But he doesn't know this yet.
He thinks that I'm just 
watching through the cracks,
staring at his beautiful body
& flawless hands.
Oblivious to the fact
that my gaze has shifted.
Focused on the open door behind him.
My feet have instinctively
slipped into the tattered soles
of my old boots.
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Grand Grandpa


I know I've never known you that well,
I know that you probably don't really know me,
But I do know that you are my grandpa,
That's something that will never change.

I know you never got me presents for my birthday or Christmas,
You never could do that for anyone,
The smoke swept your life away.

During the holidays when I saw you,
I'd make sure to smile when you saw me,
You always smiled back showing you really cared.

Not to long ago the doctor told us some news,
News that didn't shock us only scared us.
You had limited time left,
Limited smiles left...

Now here we are you old miracle,
Years later and you still smile,
Although Christmas this year we didn't get to see your smile,
And two days later your heart almost quit.

A heart attack the doctor guessed,
You weren't supposed to make it,
But the next day you woke up and I want to bet you smiled.

Though now times up for you,
I don't want you to go,
Your smile I will miss,
My only proof of miracles.

You were truthfully a Grand Grandpa,
A man with nothing left to lose but himself,
Even though we knew the time was coming,
It still took us by surprise,
We will miss you...

I hope your new home is nice,
That you will be treated well,
And I have one last favor to ask of you,
When you go please say hi to grandma and my sister for me,
Let your smile warm their hearts from now on,
Just like it did for me.

<33 RIP grandpa...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem the day my grandpa died just a day or two ago... I don't know anymore. May his heart soul and smile all rest in peace. <333 RIP

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A Sad Love Story

A girl named Karina was being bullied at school..people laughed at her..She pretended not to care. And tried not to listen but inside it was killing her. She felt no one cared about her..That if she died no one would attend her funeral.
She met a boy..within minutes of meeting him. She was totally in love..She knew he would never be interested in her. So she went home and cryed uncontrolably. The next day at school. He spoke to her..she felt he was the one. His name was James..she got to know him. They became friends..they fell in love..she becomes happy.
Karina: James I need to tell you..I love you more than I have ever loved anyone
She leans forward to hug him. He jurks back and says: You know I LOVED you…but my heart has been stolen by another girl..
Karina: Ok. That’s fine, just fine..
She attempts to hold in her tears..She looked at him, her eyes were watering. Its when she knew that this was about to end. Frozen in that moment, time was standing still.
Karina: I would die for you. Goodbye.. she whispers “forever”
The bell rings, and she runs home, As she walks through the kitchen. She grabes a knife..She knew it was destined to go wrong..She sits in her room..crying her eyes out. She begins to cut her wrists. She covers her face with her hands. And leans back knowing she only has a few minutes left. Her phone rings
James: Hello? I need to tell you that I was wrong, I love you not the other girl. I have been so stupid and so blind. I love you…
Karina whispers: Its too late. And hangs up the phone.
She bleeds to death on the floor. James runs to her house. Looks at her corpse, lies next to her. Kissed her..Takes the knife..takes his shirt off. And cuts all the way up his arm. “she was all I ever loved” He holds her hand. Then cuts his wrists..He looks up then notices that on the wall..there was writing in blood saying: “I said I would die for you..And I did…”
The End

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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Memories Running Down My face

Rose Garden

We just met a little while ago
But you have gave to me something
I can not findthe words to describe
Something Beautiful, kind, and true

You are giving me sweet memories
Love I will carry with me
For the rest of my life
Ones I will never forget

As you send your poems to me
Sweet memories are raining down my face
The tears are flowing as I read them
One by one, Sweet memories we share

With each passing day
We share new poems, you write them to me
And I rewrite them to match yours
It is so much fun, making new memories

Memories are full running down my face
With drops of emotion as they flow in a maze
I look at you and you look back our pulse's race
I don't think neither of us will wipe this haze.

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