Grand Grandpa


I know I've never known you that well,
I know that you probably don't really know me,
But I do know that you are my grandpa,
That's something that will never change.

I know you never got me presents for my birthday or Christmas,
You never could do that for anyone,
The smoke swept your life away.

During the holidays when I saw you,
I'd make sure to smile when you saw me,
You always smiled back showing you really cared.

Not to long ago the doctor told us some news,
News that didn't shock us only scared us.
You had limited time left,
Limited smiles left...

Now here we are you old miracle,
Years later and you still smile,
Although Christmas this year we didn't get to see your smile,
And two days later your heart almost quit.

A heart attack the doctor guessed,
You weren't supposed to make it,
But the next day you woke up and I want to bet you smiled.

Though now times up for you,
I don't want you to go,
Your smile I will miss,
My only proof of miracles.

You were truthfully a Grand Grandpa,
A man with nothing left to lose but himself,
Even though we knew the time was coming,
It still took us by surprise,
We will miss you...

I hope your new home is nice,
That you will be treated well,
And I have one last favor to ask of you,
When you go please say hi to grandma and my sister for me,
Let your smile warm their hearts from now on,
Just like it did for me.

<33 RIP grandpa...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem the day my grandpa died just a day or two ago... I don't know anymore. May his heart soul and smile all rest in peace. <333 RIP

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Simply wonderful tribute, you

Simply wonderful tribute, you pulled my heart strings, peace and rest to your grand grandpa hugss

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I thank you, it's been a few months now and I think I have finally come to terms a with everything..... Although I do misuh I lots and wish I couldn't have seen him smile once pokes I at least still have a picture of him. 

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