Puzzle of a Lovely Girl’s Name!

Beauty has its home in her,

It’s the fifth English letter,

Her name begins with,

A girl both emotional and dramatic like myth.


Enjoys the talk with me,

So do I truly,

The fourteenth alphabet and the one before 'b' bring solution,

To decipher the name’s entire portion.


Innocence of a child breathes in her heart,

Wants to love and be loved by the one she dreams about. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you try and find out the name?

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l u P e z


I stare into your eyes and see the infinity, it calls me endlessly

And I gather every morsel I can, like a wild animal in your mind at times,

A sensuous delight in your bed, consumed by our hunger for us,

Brightening the darkest moments in our heads.


When we are apart I try to figure out where I should start,
It seems like I've missed days, even weeks sometimes,
I think about you and the questions cascade like a waterfall in my mind,
And always, somehow, I feel so left behind.


You're like a cryptogram, unsolved,
And I can never figure out why all of the letters match up
Except for that one that screws up the whole thing again,
My tongue is tied in knots as I struggle for the words, it's absurd.


When I was a kid, my father used to say I was ungrateful,
I never felt that way, I just had a lot of questions,
Life seemed so puzzling, and it's still a puzzle, often,
But I don't think I'd be happy any other way.


I love you with all my heart, and probably always will,
Because I can't ever know all of your pieces is not a big deal,
What I get from you means so much more,
And anyway, whatever piece I'm missing seems to fit perfect.




12:02 AM 6/16/2013 ©






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The missing piece to someone else's puzzle usually is you.


This poem was inspired by the amazing and lovely Dovely.

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Je Na Sais Quoi


Cannot understand
Open secrets,Closed mind
Stepdaughter’s assault
Like a witch berserk.

Waiting for
The father to die
To wipe clean
His cosy den!

Maintained solely
By his second wife!

© Jayati Gupta

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Odd situations tamper cool life!

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Do They Fit

This one goes here.
     These fit; not the same color: oops.
All the edge pieces.
     Stretching on forever
Right : wrong : Right! : wrong : Right! : Right!
     Pieces fall into place
Stop. Take a Break.
     Back to work
Putting jigsaws together,
     my favorite way
          to spend a rainy day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 13: about someones hobby.

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