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i spit flames and burn the words // & I could care less if my poetry is heard // man cuz I continue to write only to feed this passion to my nerves // yea life was going my way but then I got curved // so ever since that day I found it hard enough to pray // feeling betrayed I delayed my holy thoughts that weighed // & began to start writing every single day // so I guess that's the short version of how I started writin // & now that u know my motivation don't chu ever accuse me of bittin -_____-


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Comfort Me


As I woke this morning Lord
My heart keeps aching for your touch
Comfort me today Lord
Help me see your ways in me.

As I woke I prayed for you
to make me whole
keep me walking in your ways
Comfort me today Lord.

The pain I can't explain
But when you comfort me I can
keep going and it will be my gain.

To feel your touch
To hear your voice
To walk with you this day
Will keep me lifted and not dismayed
Comfort me today Lord


As this day fades away
Comfort me Lord
Keep me strong in your ways
Speak to me as I try to walk
This long road of pain and sorrow.

Comfort me today Lord
Prepare me for a new tomorrow.


Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries

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