American Oligarchs: The Koch Brothers



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The Putin government put oligarch Mikhail Khodorokovsky in jail
for stealing the assets of the people of Russia... but who
has put the billionaire Koch brothers in jail for stealing the oil
and gas of America,  for conspiring to harm mass transit systems,
for causing black lung disease coal deaths in the thousands, for suborning democracy on many fronts, for putting polycidal warmongers into political office illegally.

Koch brothers outspent unions 3 to 1.
http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2014/04/23/koch-brothers-amp  Koch brothers give money to fight mass transit

The most recent Forbes estimate of the wealth of Koch brothers Charles and David is 41.2 billion each or together 82.4 billion dollars..  together more than that of Bill Gates.


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Blessed are the peacemakers

You there! Society speaks, why don’t you listen
Because I can see your face with a trace of a glisten
Of a tear. Because you have lost your patriotism
Will you fight for your queen and country
So those less educated, troubled souls can be free
So that you can impose your base of society
Upon those who never asked for your advice
Will you promise not to back out, or think twice
Despite all of the problems that will arise.
Although to be honest, you just follow orders
Like a good soldier. Not a pretender
Who has the temerity to doubt the cause
When his legs are gone, who would pause
To wonder if we should really be here.
So the young impressionable Tommy
Barely twenty and just joined the army
Is sent to a hot, desert country
He never heard of before, that poor young squaddie
He was one of the first to take a tour of duty
And he watched the problems unfold
Watch as his friends sacrificed themselves
So the politicians could squeeze forth
A little more black gold.
It isn’t his fault, it is the fault of politics
Because we have a special relationship
And the worst part of it is, neither us, nor the Americans
Wanted this. We didn’t want to go to war
And we got ignored, the politicians assured
Us we were going to save a nation,
But they didn’t want to be saved
And it was a brave weapons inspector who say
There are no WMD’s in this place.
Before he was silenced for being so brave.
What is done is done though, we saved them from a tyrant
So we did something praiseworthy, but was it worth
The money we spent, all of the lives and blood spilt on
Those sands, all of the guilt for a soldier who was hit
By a roadside bomb, and survived while around him
Lay the rag doll corpses of innocent children.
There is blame on every side, the thing that I still don’t get
Is why haven’t we already pulled out yet
Why are we so eager to offer up generations to a war machine
To crush what would have otherwise been, perhaps a man
Who would have dared to accomplish his dreams.
Let us end this crusade against a holy war,
Because we have already fought
We should not continue this, send those who must be punished to court
Instigate reparations for those who were caught up in the crossfire
And leave the country to it’s own devices. They do not want us there
They do not care for the intervention of a western government, that debonair
Attitude that lets us strut into a country, because we know best
When we have problems at home. We can’t even stop the bank’s crumble
So why should we be the authority on how to solve their troubles
We have dark clouds of our own, and I can already hear them rumble
Because the western world is no longer the king of the jungle.
So blessed are the protestors for speaking out against what they think is wrong
Blessed are the peacemakers because they never wished for this all along
Blessed are the soldiers, the dead and the wounded, for doing their jobs
Blessed are the families for keeping strong.
Blessed are the protestors because they knew this was wrong
Yeah and blessed are the peacemakers, because they never wanted this all along
God please bless us all for what we have done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another anti-war poem

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So Lets bomb the Hell out of Libya
A brutal Tyrant the West must foil
Its not about Lockerbie
Or civilian lives
We all know its really about oil
Have we sent our Forces to Bahrain
Or even to Zimbabwe or Sudan?
Yemen or Syria or Saudi?
As fast as we hunted down Saddam
Now lets arm the rebels they cry
As the RAF are sent into bomb
Like we armed the rebels in Afghanistan
We did a good job creating the Taliban
When you’ve dropped all your bombs and come home
And the press declare VICTORY
One morning you get your P45
You could try ringing up who you fought for , BP.
© Tony McNally
Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all kow this War is about OIL and not civillian casualties.

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