Koch Brothers

Iowa's Joni Ernst And Lady MacBeth


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Iowa's Joni Ernst And Lady MacBeth

Joni Ernst is proud

of having castrated

countless piglets.

At the same time

she voted to block

Iowa women from

having access to



When Joni Ernst castrates pigs

she objectifies the process as

'cutting pork' and smiles about

promising to inflict pain on

other sentient beings in Washington

or as she says 'to make them squeal'.


JBO: When they're drawn and quartered,

should executioners be paid by the piece?





Iowans please vote for


Deforesting Koch Brothers

Deforesting Koch Brothers

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The Koch Brothers are together worth more than 100 billion dollars
which they are using to further corrupt our partial democracy as they flood the
airwaves with ads for Republican warmonger candidates.

They own besides many oil pipelines... Georgia Pacific
which is spreading drought and forest fires while destroying animal habitat by
killing trees.

"Republican candidates in close races in Alaska, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina each received more than $100,000 from billionaires." (Huffington Post). One can add to that Iowa and Ohio.



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American Oligarchs: The Koch Brothers



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The Putin government put oligarch Mikhail Khodorokovsky in jail
for stealing the assets of the people of Russia... but who
has put the billionaire Koch brothers in jail for stealing the oil
and gas of America,  for conspiring to harm mass transit systems,
for causing black lung disease coal deaths in the thousands, for suborning democracy on many fronts, for putting polycidal warmongers into political office illegally.

Koch brothers outspent unions 3 to 1.
http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2014/04/23/koch-brothers-amp  Koch brothers give money to fight mass transit

The most recent Forbes estimate of the wealth of Koch brothers Charles and David is 41.2 billion each or together 82.4 billion dollars..  together more than that of Bill Gates.


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