Leave me

Love poems

I know I've been different lately
Hope that it doesnt make you hate me
But im on some fuck yall its me time
sometimes i just need to rewind
or slow down and think first
but you think love i think thirst
you say trust and i say lies
my mind goes against you i dont know why
and i love your sex cause your good at it
and not that prissy shit you hood at it
but the truth is that the truth hurts
sometimes we mesh but mostly we dont work
you say when it so over its over its gon hurt
we are good lovers we are great friends
so you cant leave so it cant end
but i need you, you dont need me
your the bestests so dont leave me
and i love you when im near you
but when you say it i dont hear you
and i love that you believe in me
but you dont love me you love the idea of me

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