love poem

Proceed With Caution

They told me, the right one comes along if you just wait.
They told me that, patience is key.
But they also told me, I should decide my own fate,
So with one look at her, I decided her soul mate is who I wanted to be.

Somehow, someway, I was able to catch her attention..
Boy, was I feeling on top of the world.
But if you thought what we had was an unbreakable connection,
You wouldn't believe how the rest of this love story unfurled.

The aftermath of what started off beautifully, was an ugly mess.
She should've walked around with a tab that read, "proceed with caution,"
Cause she came and took everything inside of me, nothing less..
Now I'm left alone sinking in this love boat, cause she was my captain.

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Olive love

Olive skin shall blush
As slowly pressed together
Warmth pushed through linked souls

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First ever Haiku

The Arbor

Beneath floral laden arbor,
love sought is never denied.
Heart's dark plaguing shadows,
find nowhere to reside.

Array of tailored blossoms-
harbor no stinging nettles.
Offer within sheltered bay-
bears your silken petals.

Comfort found in longed embrace,
always clad with sweetened veil.
Pondered scenes from wishful dreams-
follow close in myriad detail.

Opened eyes deliver your thoughts;
image evoked awaits you here.
In my arms is where it dwells;
surrounding blossoms always near.

Blemished hopes from foolish care,
deceits guised in offered bouquet.
Sordid scourge from wilted bundle,
finds no keep in arbors stay.

© C.E. Vance

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Songs Serene

Songs serene arrives with entrance's waltz,
likened to willow's swish in swell of breeze
Leisurely grace defined by shimmery sight,
image is host to sweeping gown's melodies


Allure of jasmine surrounds sauntered wake,
visage passes with a charm filled wile
Showered light mirrored in sequins donned,
jeweled radiance gleams from a lovely smile


Within haloed mist lies beauty shed of veil,
guises of pretense paint no assuming shades
Ambrosia is savored to beholding eyes,
forever in memory, a scene that never fades


Gentle caress to petals splashed in early dew,
bathe flowers beneath sapphire colored skies
Favored each day with blossoms moistened kiss,
dawn greets presence with another sun in rise


Holding you closely in morning's embrace,
Heaven yields surroundings of paradise to you
Succumbed to the sight as your presence nears,
a wishful peek into Eden's garden comes true


Songs serene arrives with entrance's waltz,
draping of a gown wisps the willow's song
Refinement of grace displays a shimmering view,
in my fondest dreams the melody plays long

© C.E.Vance











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Lovers' Escape


Early was the morning the sun twasn't born,
Dark the sky, conjuring up a storm.
Far off in the distance the day taking shape,
Nothing would ruin this moment--our riding escape.


The weather windy, the air crisp, cold,
Your body began to tremble, I took a hold
Of you in my arms of amorous shelter
To form warmth from this helter-skelter.


Our journey now begins, each with a horse,
I gaze upon you knowing you are my source
Of all that brings happiness, 'tis I can't deny,
For your love's like madness; mine shan't go awry.


We ease down hills and into a valley,
To the oak trees where awaits our finale.
Off my steed I embrace your fair, naked hand,
With which to lead us through timber so grand.


'Tis there our tree, the protector of our secret,
Below beds of flowers, how could I forget?
A place rich with history an' stories to be told,
Lay here we will, when even helpless and old.


On my knee my eyes search into yours,
Shaking is my hand with sweat to the pores.
I give you this ring under our fruitful tree,
Asking for your love, forever, in matrimony.

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Full moon lights up night,
Youth and love,
Are stars, twinkling memories.
Is you and I lost
In the gaze of loving eyes.
Sky sings songs
And galaxies dance
As you come with the angels.
Night is lit
With your loveliness
As you smile and embrace me.
Dawn too waits
As I welcome you
And nothing else matters more.

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A bright and sunny day
Suddenly changes
As the wind's chariot
Brings forth dark clouds
Of rain, joy and purity.
I love such weather
And quietly wonder
How you and I
Could have made all this
His most beautiful picture!
Yet at the same time
My mind sees you
In all your loveliness
And I am overwhelmed
By the divine rapture
And how the Creator
Listens to my prayer
-- No spoken chatter --
But making all nature
Hearkening to gather
Just for me see
The sight I wished for
Some moments ago:
'His most beautiful picture'.

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Inspired by the fast changing hilly weather, the clouds gathering overhead, the cool breeze singing a love song and my whole being inspired the beauty and love of my beloved woman...and then my wish being fulfilled in "the blissful eyes of solitude" (Thanks to William Wordsworth -- The Daffodils) by Him -- God Almighty. "His" in the poem above refers to Him only -- Allah, Ishwar, Him whatever you like...He is He...God Almighty!

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How romantically serene it would be,
If 'you' and I meet, wherever it may be,
With you singing: "My heart is yours",
And me replying: "Mine too is yours".

In a garden where jasmine is air,
As our eyes into each other stare,
As the feelings of love overwhelm us,
And our lips meet in a kiss very rare.

Incurable romantics we won't care,
About anybody's envious stare,
Arm in arm, smiling and strolling,
While to me you 'll be most fair.

Ah, my loved woman! How I love you!
If only you can gauge my feelings true!
And deep down within my own self,
I wish, if your love, I could fathom too!

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Dedicated to the woman I love -- the woman who is rare and mysteriously adorable.

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One Second more

I only ask, for a second more
To hear your angelical voice
To never forget your way to look
To see the shine of your eyes

One more time
To gaze again the full moon
To brag that by your side I was

One second more
To whisper into your ear
“I love you” once again
If only I had one second more

I wish I was with you
A second more
To see my happy ending

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Hope you like it (:

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