Songs Serene

Songs serene arrives with entrance's waltz,
likened to willow's swish in swell of breeze
Leisurely grace defined by shimmery sight,
image is host to sweeping gown's melodies


Allure of jasmine surrounds sauntered wake,
visage passes with a charm filled wile
Showered light mirrored in sequins donned,
jeweled radiance gleams from a lovely smile


Within haloed mist lies beauty shed of veil,
guises of pretense paint no assuming shades
Ambrosia is savored to beholding eyes,
forever in memory, a scene that never fades


Gentle caress to petals splashed in early dew,
bathe flowers beneath sapphire colored skies
Favored each day with blossoms moistened kiss,
dawn greets presence with another sun in rise


Holding you closely in morning's embrace,
Heaven yields surroundings of paradise to you
Succumbed to the sight as your presence nears,
a wishful peek into Eden's garden comes true


Songs serene arrives with entrance's waltz,
draping of a gown wisps the willow's song
Refinement of grace displays a shimmering view,
in my fondest dreams the melody plays long

© C.E.Vance











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