Fantasy where have you gone,

the memory is not so strong.

Of what I really thought you were,

emotions wake they start to stir.

Awaken from their stirring slumber,

feelings come out I start to wonder.

Why am I drawn to this man of my dreams,

lost in the mists of desire it seems.

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Let me

Let me release these feelings of desire,

unleashing them in waves of ecstacy.

Unashamed of my passionate lust,

only doing what I need to do.

A journey of fine delights is where we'll go,

let me show you who im meant to be.

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My Angel

You came to me from up above,

And you gave me so much love.

For me you are a angel,

I watch as you fell.

You help me through everything,

You make my ears ring.

You can always make me smile,

For you I could run a mile.

You are the best dude you see,

You're sweet and fun that's the key.

Looks don't matter to my eyes,

When your around my heart flys.

Your personality is what I treasure,

And your mind is what I measure.

Do you know what you are in my eyes?,

To me you are the perect guy.

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The Magic In Love

                            As the years pass by like the running tides

                            you're still like a dream from above.,

                            like a moonlit room on a honeymoon

                            you bring out the magic in love.

                            As the winds blow by under winter skies

                            hand in hand we're warm like a glove.

                            The storms move on to golden dawns

                            and you bring out the magic in love.

                            The birds fly by on a southward ride

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By My Side

                            Oh I'd throw the finest times away

                            and the fortune that came my way

                            to have you here by my side.

                            And I'd give all the wealth I've brought along

                            to the singer of a song

                            that could put you by my side.

                            I can't say why or what it is

                            that makes me crazy for your love,

                            you don't even know my name.

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With You

Old photographs of lover's fondest moments.

An Autumn stroll through colored leaves of romance.

The kiss a look can bring,

Oh, how I love these things,

When I'm with you.

A midnight sky with Nothern Lights a dancing.

The frost king's art on sunlit windows prancing.

A song two can sing,

Oh, how I love these things

When I'm with you.

A seaside walk by lazy waves at sunrise.

A gentle wine to warm the soul by firelight.

Sidewalk cafes in spring,

Oh, how I love these things,

When I'm with you.

A rattling wagon on a moonlight hayride.

A sailboat sailing on the bay at twilight.

An icecream sundae fling,

Oh, how I love these things,

When I'm with you.


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My morning energy boost

My school day dream topic

My spy cam target

My nightly comfort

My dream lover

My Crush

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my main life purpose: to think about my crush! haha I'm just jokeing, but this always happens when I fall for someone

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"The Sound of Love"

by Jeph Johnson


I risk it all 

to stand 


the call 

to capture 

the sound of love

to pretend 

to hear 

its serenade, 

It's then 

the music 

starts to fade

and no more is 

the symphony 

I once heard 

when you and me 

would harmonize 

our song of desire, 

cacophonic cries 

bleet from 

our choir, 

full blown 

they croon 

a discordant howl

while my 

lone wolf 

moon shines 

on the prowl, 

I'm the little 

lost sheep 


at night, 


far from the 

shepherd's sight

the owls hoot 

and crickets chirp 

all sing of love 

they can usurp, 

yet I stay huddled, 

cold and damp, 

deep in 

a wilderness 

I'm camped

all around 

uproarious sounds; 

the clamour 

of lovers all

knocking around: 

squeaky beds, 

whispering lips, 

even noisy eyes 

take me back 

to when 

we'd harmonize, 

but now the notes 

are washed away, 

and the 

sound of love's 

on a different 



is how love's made

no real need for 

a hearing aid, 

everything's muffled 

when love 

you can't sense

I'm deaf 

at love's 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

2001, 2017


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Only my love

Apon the midnight rose I wept

while in her bed my sweetheart slept

tears of joy not of sorrow

my love again I'll see tommrow

all I have is my love for her

no castles, rings, or coats of fur

the sky, the moon, the earth, the sun

all at peace combine for one

the one, my love it is for her alone

untill I get it she'll be happy at home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When we are in love all we can think is but happy thoughts. If not, then we are not in love.

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