Shattered Hearts

Solid is the love a feats of eyes

The falconforests sway in summer

Where every sparsity glistens

Heats listen to kindness

Scale walls        slay dragons        reap the sun

Scale walls        slay dragons        reap the sun

Call me your only one

Call me the home that endures

The wish that renews

All of the spring's fineness

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it's like in november

when you want to skate

despite all the warnings

that it's not quite safe

you know what it's like

when you slide

onto the ice

for the very first time

the water beneath

is deep and forboding

but on top you glide

without noticing

til suddenly a crack

shoots across the surface

your stomach's in knots

and inside you're afraid

but you don't turn back

´cause you're already half way

and you're skating

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A Response to my sister

some men have women

and have them again

their love is unyielding

but then so is their hand

they never learned that love is a choice

not bought and paid for and sealed in gold and 'ice'

so she bears his children and his weight at night

and he jokes with friends ´bout the old ball and chain

reads the paper at dinner then turns on the game


some men have women...

so to speak

to have and hold loosely

and talk alot

and she talks too and feels she's strong

and somewhere between moments incidental

shared in laughter and in tears

almost in passing

love is born

strong even in its timidity

the way that I

love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a response to my sister's poem "'Some women have men..." which is unfortunately not on the net.

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The nice thing about

doing it on paper is

you can really concentrate

on the matter at hand -

no having to worry about those

nasty perpendiculars.

I thought I'd worked out

all the right angles,

thought I

saw clearly...

And you

come slithering

your serpentine silouette


over my geometry.

Sometimes I wonder

how you can see the relationships

at all, staring

at your navel like that.

So why all the (con)fusion

as soon as we crawl

off the sheets?

How come I can´t see nothing

but empty space.

It's hard

to keep your head

on the horizontal when

all the hammer and anvil work

happens on the vertical.

I guess the trick is to make

the connections without


those right angles, eh?

Guess I´m

trying to say thanks

fo(u)r that extra dimension.

Now how can we ever

keep or perspective respectives

clear long enough

to get it down

on paper?

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Let Me Be Your Guide

Let me be your guide

inside the labyrinth,

where the cold wind builds

gothic architectures in the clouds,

and the damp earth reeks

with the scent of a new monster--

I have a magic cord

to set us free

after I have killed

the Minotaur

and saved us both

into a New Dawn.

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Daddys Little Girl

Copyright 6/26/00

As my mind wanders back through the years

Through the laughter and through the tears

I remember a baby so wee holding my finger tight.

The rememberance brought a tear to this dear old dad’s eye.

I remember you growing to a fine young girl

That put all the young lads hearts awhirl.

How grown up you seemed to be

You were always my little girl to me.

I am sorry I broke your door

Looking back I don’t remember what for.

I swear by all that is holy and the stars above

What ever it was, you never lost your father’s love.

Before I knew it you were a lady

With boyfriends and dating.

My little butterfly had blossomed and grown

And before I was ready for it, you were gone.

A bride, a mother, makes my mind twirl,

But to me

You’ll always be

Daddy’s little girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my daughter, no matter where she goes or what she does, she will always be, my little girl.

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True Love - Haiku

When someone loves you

As you really truly are

That's all that matters

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Endless hope

When we reach the edge

of the inexpressible,

what then--a gentle touch,

a look of love, a deep sigh,

& the intangible endless hope

that love can somehow reach out

& move the chords of our

              beloved's heart

                           once more.

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You Say You Love Me

You say you love me, now.

Will you still tomorrow?

When I am old and gray,

Carrying a drainage bag

or wearing diapers.

Bulging at the seams.

Having no teeth.

Being carried from bed to chair.

Stuck in a geriatric chair or

pushed in a wheelchair.

No more partying, no more beach,

no more "'tween the sheets"

or oil massages.

Not being able to be with you when

you need me the most.

Beginning to speak in between the naps.

Possibly Alzheimer's, Stroke, MI, Parkinson's or just plain

idiopathic brain damage. Only to list a few.

Paranoia, neurosis, special diets

with in between nourishments and or tube feedings.

Forced fluids, daily weights, you've had

your share while doing your work.

A professional you are and darn good too.

I would be extremely arrogant and cruel to ask this

of you in your retirement years.

I love you now and more tomorrow.

These things I would do for you if need be.

But, you are strong and will be independent and

capable of providing your own.

How could I ever think that you would leave a strong

attachment to security and comfort to care for me

in my staid.

I want you to think freely and weigh all measures as

how to spend your future years.

I have waited a long time for you,

now my youthful and useful days are numbered;..

Will you be able to adjust to life's ups and downs?

I have not many years remaining

to enjoy

all the beauties of nature.

Procrastination is an enemy of mine,and when

rid of it, I will imbibe of all the beauty being


I need to live now, for there will be no tomorrow

of reality of time and place.

Teach me and love me. Show me all beautiful

things you have encountered.

Love me now for there is...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 5/23/85 little did I know how much of it would come true at such a young age. Someone in the medical profession

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