I look in the mirror
and what do I see?
A young, older woman
with a dream of a teen.

Slighty streaked with gray hair
and a few lines that won't fade,
I'm a young, older woman
whose dream has not changed.

I'm a young hearted woman
who waits, for God's Grace.

My virtue is patience
my vice is my dream,
It causes me to long
for a man, like a king.

Is my dream like the moon
too high from my reach,...
To dance among the stars
with the man in my dreams?

I'm a young hearted woman
who dreams, to be his queen.


Year after year
the calendar pages turn,
I live in my dreams
and my heart aches in yearn.

Is my dream like the sun
with God's promise to rise,
Or bars to a prison
where, I've been condemned for life?

I'm a young, older woman
who wants to be freed.

My hearts full of love
for the man in my dream,
I don't know his name
God, just bring him to me.

In his arms I'll be free....
to live my desires,
and love with the passion
of my hearts Eternal Fire.


I look in the mirror and what do I see?
The reflection of a shadow, standing by me.

I know it's my love
for who else could it be?
He's the man with no face,
the only man in my dreams.

He's my promise from God!
He's been chosen for me,
to love and to cherish
in life,... through all eternity.

I'm a young, older woman with the faith of a child,
A dream of a teen, filled with a woman's desires.

God, tell him I love him.
Tell him my fears...
my cheeks have become stained
from lonely streams of tears.

God, tell him I miss him.
Tell him, how much I care...
God tell him it's he,
who lifts my heart in the air!

I'm a young hearted woman who has reached for the moon.
My dream since a child, I still wait, to come true.

So as you look to the sky
when the moon smiles full,
and you see two shadows dancing
embraced,...moving slow,...

You'll know that he's with me.
That my dream has come true,
As the man with no face takes me
for my first dance, on the moon.

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opal moon


Let me take you tonight under the opal moon,

a reckless ride of never ending ecstasy.

Showing me your deepest desires,

Releasing all your long captured dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dream train is now leaving the station....

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Loving you/ leting go



Close your eyes and shut the door
Leave your worries upon the floor
Let me revive the soul inside
That you have felt you need to hide

Fix my soul that's been long since dead
Remind me of the romance in my head
Kiss my heart and hold me near
Show me the love that brings you fear

Let go of your pain and of your restraint
This is love's canvas, together lets paint
I'll do the blues and you do the reds
Spinning and weaving our hearts' threads

Take control of the moment and don't let go
There are things inside we both need to show
So just lay me down and forget about life
This is love's canvas there's no room for strife

Don't fight your love any longer
Loving me will make you stronger
As loving you has done for me
Loving me will set you free

Take down your walls as I take down mine
Let intimacy send shivers up your spine
Don't be afraid of what you don't know
Just face your fears and we'll take it slow

Walk with me into love
Fly with me high above
Trust in me with heart and soul
Loving you is my only goal



Author's Notes/Comments: 

It would be so nice to hear some of these words, to have someone want nothing more then to love you for as long as they can and let you do the same, no bullshit, no needing more, no wanting less

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A sexy smile,

lucious lips,

and bountiful beauty;

with features like these

you have so much love to give.

But when you try to give your love to someone

they reject it.

You look for someone

who wants your love.

You keep looking, but can not find anyone.

But there is one who wants your love,

and wants to give you his love.

He is very near you

but you don't know that he wants your love.

When you see the look in his eyes

you'll know he wants your love.

But until tehn he just waits

wanting to give you his love.

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Blood Hurts (Revised)

A woman bleeds her whole life long

She bleeds within herself

She labors and toils and cries silent tears

Her heart bleeds for the one she loves

A man only bleeds when he cuts himself

Never a tear does he shed, for he feels no pain

He is content with his own selfish life

Never comprehending what life is really all about

When his Love finally leaves him

His own heart begins to bleed

Blood dripping slowly, pain overwhelming

He then bleeds throughout

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At my friend Melvin's advice, I have revised this poem attempting to add some "flesh & feeling."  I left the original version for comparison.

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A single flicker

Of hope

Fluttering it's way in

My soul

Allowing it's entry

I realize

Just maybe

This time my heart won't cry

How has this man

Entered as of late

Without a key

Without a gate

Wasn't part of my plan

Had given up

Now what do I do

To prevent fucking it up

Almost an omen it seems

Always picking the ones

That don't

Have dreams

But he does

He's real

Right here in front of me

Can you see my heart peel?

Like petals

From a rose

Cascading gently to the ground

Tell me what this is that I have found

I can feel it

See it

Touch it

Smell it

I know this feeling

I've been here before

Doesn't happen very often

Love is once again knocking at my door

I couldn't ask for anything more


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Eyes searching your soul

Peering through it's depth

To see what's not been told

Telling me I've been swept

Of all the things

You could have done...

Took me in, gave only yourself

Nothing superficial

Flowing from your tongue

Hesitant at first

I try to keep my distance

Knowing full well

Of your entire existence

Not able to hide

My feelings inside

Any longer

Laying beside you

How sweet it is

This eternal bliss

That shines within US

I've been swept


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prisoner of my own passions

I never asked to feel like this

wasn't even looking for anyone!

my breath labored...... pulse racing

heart pounding.......I never thought I could fall

I was not looking for love!

but my emotions took siege

prisoner of my own passions

locked in this dream.... longing for slumber

your eyes caress my wounded soul

your voice tames the demons within

your touch paralyzes me..... loins ablaze

one taste.....desire mounting

yearning.....wanting you nearer

only you and I becoming one!

drawing near......erotic pleasures over and over

your breath is my breath.......ecstasy again and again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

: again and again I just dont know
where it comes from :o)
what a deal!

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To Learn to Make Love

get up in the morning

& caress the dawn;

head for the beach

& caress the breeze;

wait for the night

& caress the dark;

go back to your lover

& caress him/her as you did

the dawn, the breeze, the dark.

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