Soft loving

A mother's touch,

So gentle and delicate.

The most comfrotable feeling,

As her hand covers your burning forhead.

A boyfriend's kiss,

So gentle and delicate.

The most wonderful sensation,

As his lips touches ever so tenderly.

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Enchanted Dream

You put on your dress

like a soft-feathered dream

in a sultry summer sky,

like a sweet caress that awakens

your body from sleep until

it lights up like a fire in the dark,

like the warm words of a poem

that stir your memories

of other nights of love

when the huge breath of life

itself seemed to ride

on the rustle of your sighs,

and you knew what it was like

to be a goddess divine,


you pass before me

like an enchanted breeze

from an enchanted sea,


you take my breath away

and turn my life into

an enchanted dream.

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All alone I think of you,

everyday that's what I do.

Thoughts of you

forever in mind,

from this truth I

cannot hide,

with only you,

my love will abide.

Into my thoughts your memory creeps,

like water,

from a pipe that leaks,

filling my head with fantasy,

held forever in my memory,

thoughts of you lying next to me.

Just to know you are there is ecstasy.

Tasting your lips,

and you tasting mine,

together our bodies do entwine,

embracing each other in loving arms.

Keeping us safe from all harm,

I love you like the sun,

my love for you will never be undone.

Will this day ever come,

when our two hearts,will be as one.

Holding on to these dreams,

that one day you will dream of me.

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I Remember Lying By Your Side,

While In Your Beauty You Did Hide.

Entranced Inside Your Taste & Smell,

In Love With You Is Where I Fell.

I Long To Be With You Again,

The Thing I Just Don't Know Is When.

I Know I Long To Feel Your Touch,

I Miss This & Your Smile So Much.

You Know You'll Always Be My Queen,

No Sweeter Girl I've Ever Seen.

For You My Angel Stole My Heart,

But Now It Seems It's Ripped Apart.

I Pray You'll Tire Of The Crap,

It Seems That Has You In A Trap.

And That You'll Let Me Come For You,

So I Can Show You Love So True.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Miss The One In Life I Cherish Most. You're My Universe Angel.

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When you

When I touch you,

you will feel the power.

When I hold you,

you will feel the passion.

When you know me,

you can live your dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you wish upon a star....

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Butterfly kisses

My Favorites

Butterfly kisses soft and sweet,

with your touch my heart will beat.

A million miles an hour it goes,

with butterfly kisses our love will grow.

Up beyond our wildest dreams,

our souls together as one it seems.

knowing one day I will be by your side,

we will finally go on a fantasy ride.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love butterflies...

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Promise me a dream,

one which will come true.

Promise me a kiss,

one that will last forever.

What is a promise?

Just something to break,

almost like my heart....

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I am so confused

as to what to do,

I have found myself in love with you.

I didnt mean for it to happen

Never thought it could be true

But here I am,

falling head over heels in love with you...

Would never want to hurt you,

or cause you any pain...

In doing such a thing...

What would I have to gain?

The best of friends,

you and I,

will ever be...

Because you mean the world to me...

We've shared so much together,

laughter, joy and tears.

Hope we share these

things for many, many years...

You are very dear to me,

and I know you will always be,

In my heart and my mind,

to stay forever,

til the end of time..

Thank you for brining such happiness and sunshine in my life

I am a better person just to have known you...

I couldn't have asked for a better friend than I have found in you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think the poem says it all......

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a poem




what does it mean




is it a dream




remains to be seen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

only time will tell...

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